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“OMG, SQUIRREL!” Dean  shrieked dashing after the critter. In his recklessness, he swung his stick around, nearly hitting Nine.

“Dean!” Nine scolded. “Watch were you’re going!”

Suddenly, Dean's cell phone went off like this:

“Do you like waffles?”

“Yeah, we like waffles!”

“Do you like pancakes?”

“Yeah, we like pancakes!”

“Hellooooooo?” Dean sang when he picked up.

“Oh, hey, Shirley! Nothin' much, me 'n Nine are just gonna go fight Ritsu and Takashi now. Orly? You and Megumi are gonna be cheerleaders?! That's fantastical! Mkay, we'll see you there~” closing the phone, he skipped over to Nine.

“Guess what?! Shirley and Megu--”

“I heard,” Nine cut him off. “Let's just get on with it, shall we?”

They continued along in The Lunaria Base, defeating a few Reorx and Zeredes here and there, but it was mostly Nine that did the work. Dean chickened out, so they all went back to the Lightning Squad Headquarters.

To Be Continued...

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