Shards of Reality OMEGA is a fighting game developed and published by Pixelburst Gaming. It is a change in formula compared to previous fighting games starring Fantendo characters in that it is not just another Super Smash Bros gameplay-wise. It is considered a sequel to Shards of Reality, a crossover RPG starring multiple Fantendo characters, and is set one year after the events of the first game.


The majority of gameplay takes place on stages, which are relatively large as far as fighting games fighting games but not as large as some Smash Bros stages. They are littered with props that can be used as cover or as projectiles (though this feature can be turned off in the settings if players want a more classic fighting game experience).

Combat takes place between as few as two players or as many as four, with each character having three types of attacks:

  • Basic attacks are standard attacks, with nothing truly special about them but with very few flaws. Each character has their own Basic attacks, but can change their style up by equipping different weapons. These attacks can also gain elemental affinities when charged up.
  • Special attacks are unique to a character, and are always available no matter what weapon is equipped. They usually have some more specialized effects. However, they cannot be charged to deal elemental damage.
  • Finisher attacks only become available when the character has powered up their respective "Omega Charm" by being in the fray at all times, fighting like a true pro, and/or constantly keeping it fresh. Finishers are devastatingly powerful, and can easily turn the tide in battle.

In addition, players can Grab enemies, props, or even allies and throw them in any direction. Objects or people thrown act as projectiles and damage the enemies they hit, but enemies being thrown don't take damage unless thrown into a hazard. The trajectory of the object is determined by the grabbing character's Throw stat and the object's Weight stat, with characters with higher Throw throwing objects with a lot of Weight farther than characters with lower Throw.

The game also features elemental attacks, with each character being weak or resistant to different elements; however, rather than taking more or less damage from elements, their resistance to the element is expressed through the status ailments linked to the element. Characters who resist an element are less likely to be inflicted with the status ailment (example: Unten is less likely to be inflicted with Confuse by Wind attacks, or Paralyze by Thunder attacks), while characters who are weak to an element are more vulnerable to the status ailment's effects (example: Zerita is slowed down more by Earth's Petrify, and takes more damage per second when Burned by Fire).

Like most fighting games, each character's remaining endurance is represented by a health bar. When their health bar is depleted to zero, their opponent wins.


Character Stats Description Style Unlockable?
Unten Power: 3/5, Speed: 3/5
Grab: 4/5, Weight: 2/5

Fire: 100%, Ice: 100%
Thunder: 50%, Earth: 150%
Wind: 50%, Water: 150%
Light: 100%, Dark: 100%
Of the half a dozen remaining Beorn, Unten is probably the only one who'd be defined as a "hero." He has saved his home on Zeon, as well as the entire multiverse, from destruction on multiple occasions. This time, he finds himself dragged back out of Zeon on a crazy multiverse-spanning adventure - this time, to fight in the mysterious Omega Tournament. Basic: Quick melee combos using punches and uppercuts

Special: Slow and sweeping Thunder attacks using the Beorn Reaper scythe

Finisher: A great electrical explosion, powered up significantly by Fanti
Zerita Power: 1/5, Speed: 5/5
Grab: 5/5, Weight: 2/5

Fire: 200, Ice: 50%
Thunder: 100%, Earth: 150%
Wind: 0%, Water: 150%
Light: 100%, Dark: 50%
A Catonea warrior with a disconcerting preference towards silence, letting her actions speak louder than her words. She is considered one of Zeon's guardians, alongside Unten. She, like Unten, was pulled into the Omega Tournament against her will and forced to fight in order to win her right to return to Zeon and end their story once and for all. Basic: Blindingly fast slashes using claws on the hands

Special: Quick attacks for rushing in and clawing

Finisher: A frenzied claw combo, ending in a ferocious uppercut
Jake Power: 2/5, Speed: 3/5
Grab: 5/5, Weight: 3/5

Fire: 125%, Ice: 125%
Thunder: 0%, Earth: 50%
Wind: 100%, Water: 200%
Light: 100%, Dark: 100%
A young man with a knack for hacking and mysterious telekinetic gifts. Jake is one of the Twelve - a group of... well, twelve... AI with the ability to freely jump in between programs. While seeking answers regarding his creators at NV Industries, he stumbled across the Omega Tournament, which promised him answers if he could win in a combat against champions from across the multiverse... Basic: Relatively quick but somewhat weak melee attacks

Special: Blasts of Thunder that launch foes and props easily

Finisher: Hacks a giant paladin into existence to strike the foe with a radiant sword
Netnu Power: 4/5, Speed: 3/5
Grab: 2/5, Weight: 4/5

Fire: 50%, Ice: 50%
Thunder: 150%, Earth: 100%
Wind: 100%, Water: 150%
Light: 100%, Dark: 100%
A Beorn, formerly named Kaio, who managed to escape the destruction of his race, but lost his sanity due to radiation in the depths of space. He became a bloodthirsty madman, and only got worse when he met Unten. Unlike Doomulus Grime, Unten, and Zerita, Netnu willingly left Zeon in order to participate in the Omega Tournament. Most certainly in pursuit of his rival, Unten. Basic: Sluggish melee combos consisting of punches

Special: Rocket-powered punches with crippling force

Finisher: A diving strike with the force of a giant meteor
Kan Power: 4/5, Speed: 2/5
Grab: 3/5, Weight: 4/5

Fire: 0%, Ice: 75%
Thunder: 125%, Earth: 200%
Wind: 125%, Water: 100%
Light: 75%, Dark: 100%
A young man hailing from a distant land. Not too much is known about him, other than that his repressed emotions can be manifested in battle in the form of a Psyche. Kan wields two specific Psyches - the imp-like Sinless and the gruesome Smile. He tends to keep his reasons for participating in the Omega Tournament to himself, but it's easy to guess that it has something to do with his Psyches. Basic: Quick slashes using his Uta longsword; powerful, but with short combos

Special: Clawing Fire attacks invoked by summoning Sinless

Finisher: Summons Smile, who strikes the foe with a storm of needles of every element
Doomulus Grime Power: 4/5, Speed: 1/5
Grab: 5/5, Weight: 4/5

Fire: 0%, Ice: 150%
Thunder: 200%, Earth: 100%
Wind: 100%, Water: 50%
Light: 150%, Dark: 50%
A power-mad mechanical creature with his eyes set on gathering the energy he needs to conquer the known universe. It was he who almost destroyed Zeon when harvesting its energy using his Giga-Drill device. Like Unten and Zerita, he was pulled from his world without permission to participate in the Omega Tournament; however, the chance to win unlimited power was too tempting to turn down. Basic: Slow but powerful slashing combos with claws and tail

Special: Powerful close-range Fire blasts that send foes flying

Finisher: Summons the Giga-Drill to drive opponents into the core of the world


A summary of the Story Modes of the game can be found here.


  • Omega Coliseum: A massive arena located in the void between worlds, and the main setting for the mysterious Omega Tournament. Any prop could appear on this map.
  • Peaceful Plains: Unten's home turf on Zeon, as well as the home of Dongoria and his tribe. Props that could spawn here include logs, tree branches, and boulders.
  • Zeon's Core: The tunnel leading to the center of Zeon, located deep within the Fissure caused by Grime's drilling. Props that could spawn here include drills, boulders, and crates.
  • Binary Bay: A digital kingdom that has fallen into disrepair after the corrupt (literally!) HAX came into power. Props that could spawn here include palm trees, harpoons, and flags.




  • Burn: The ailment inflicted by Fire attacks, which slowly saps at a character's health. Characters weak to Fire have their health sapped faster.
  • Freeze: The ailment inflicted by Ice attacks, which temporarily freezes a character, giving them the same physics as a prop. Characters weak to Ice are frozen for longer.
  • Paralysis: The ailment inflicted by Thunder attacks, which immobilizes a character, preventing them from moving. Characters weak to Thunder are paralyzed for longer.
  • Petrify: The ailment inflicted by Earth attacks, which slows a character down and prevents them from jumping. Characters weak to Earth are slowed down even more.
  • Confuse: The ailment inflicted by Wind attacks, which randomizes a character's controls. Characters weak to Wind have their controls randomized even more.
  • Soak: The ailment inflicted by Water attacks, which cut a character's defense against elemental attacks. Characters weak to Water take more elemental damage when soaked.
  • Seal: The ailment inflicted by Light attacks, which prevent a character from using their Specials or Finisher. Characters weak to Light are sealed for longer.
  • Blind: The ailment inflicted by Dark attacks, which cause all Basics and Specials to "miss" the opponent. Characters weak to Dark are blinded for longer.


The soundtrack can be found here.

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