For more general information about Valerie, please visit her official page

Valerie Heartgold is one of the party members to in Shards of Reality, and she joins at ???. She moves fast and strikes hard with Fire-element attacks. She can also use a variety of debuffs and ailments to dissuade enemies. Unfortunately, her Defense is sub-par...


Name Effect & Description Requirements
Heart Beat Magical Fire attack. Deals HP damage to one enemy.

Costs 5 MP.
Heart Break Magical Fire attack. Deals HP damage to a row.

Costs 10 MP.
Heart Steal Magical Fire attack. Deals HP damage to one enemy.
Inflicts Confuse on the target.

Costs 8 MP.
Wink Wink Inflicts Confuse on one enemy.

Costs 4 MP.
Amoroso Lowers one enemy's ATK.

Costs 4 MP.
Muggles Lowers one enemy's MAG.

Costs 4 MP.
Stunner Lowers one enemy's AGI.

Costs 4 MP.

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