Nameless is the primary protagonist of the game, as well as the player's avatar, the first party member in the game, and the only mandatory party member for the majority of the game. They begin their adventure in Leah's Hospital. They are unique in that they inherit skills from the characters that they adventure with.

At the beginning of the game, the player is able to pick Nameless' race, which determines how certain characters interact with them, including the crappy nickname that Leah gives Nameless after meeting them for the first time.




Nameless does not have a concrete skillset of their own. Instead, by adventuring with other characters, they can passively learn skills from those characters, then equip them in the menu. They can only have ten skills equipped at any given time.

Nameless starts the game with Unten's Cheer On skill already unlocked.


  • Beorn: Build-a-Bear
  • Catonea: Pussycat
  • Fandraxonian: Nightmare Fuel
  • Goblin: TBD
  • Harpy: Birdbrain
  • Human: TBD
  • Magma Sentinel: TBD
  • Missyntile: TBD
  • Narobi-Tron: GameCube
  • Sparkling: TBD
  • Spirit: TBD

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