For more general information about Leah, please visit her official page

Leah Needlenam is one of the first party members to join in Shards of Reality, alongside Nameless and Jake Skett. She is a designated healer for the group, but only barely; she's also capable of inflicting plentiful status ailments on foes.


Name Effect & Description Requirements
Transplant Restores some HP to one ally.

Costs 6 MP.
Initial skill
Bleed Out Inflicts Bleed on one enemy.

Costs 4 MP.
Initial skill
First Aid? Restores some HP to one ally and inflicts Berserk.
Always acts first.

Costs 8 MP.
Reach Level 2
Hasty Incision Physical Cut attack. Deals HP damage to one enemy.
Inflicts Bleed on the target.

Costs 8 MP.
Reach Level 4
Blood Spike Magical Dark attack. Deals HP damage to one enemy.

Costs 5 MP.
Reach Level 5
Scapegoat Causes enemies to target one ally more frequently.
Lasts four turns.

Costs 3 MP.
Reach Level 7
Poison Drop Inflicts Poison on one enemy.

Costs 4 MP.
Reach Level 9
Transfusion Inflicts Regen on one ally.

Costs 6 MP.
Blood Circle Inflicts Doubled on one ally.

Costs 13 MP.
Immunize Raises an ally's ailment resistance.

Costs 6 MP.
Dosage Up Raises the effectiveness of healing on an ally.

Costs 6 MP.
Lethal Injection Has a low chance of instantly defeating one enemy.
Certain enemies, like bosses, are unaffected.

Costs 15 MP.
D-E-A-D S-A-G-A Inflicts Godhood on the user.

Costs 20 MP.

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