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For more general information about Hein, please visit his official page

Hein is part of the second wave of party members to join, and is met at a Swamplands/Dark-Woods overlap at Level 5, alongside Cura. He is a glass cannon with powerful physical and magical attacks, as well as a few self-buffing skills.


Name Effect & Description Requirements
Lunar Cleave Physical Cut attack. Deals HP damage to one enemy.

Costs 5 MP.
Initial skill
Moonshine Magical Light attack. Deals HP damage to one column.

Costs 10 MP.
Initial skill
Reaper's Rage Greatly raises Hein's ATK.

Costs 7 MP.
Initial skill
Levitate Inflicts Flight on Hein.

Costs 4 MP.
Initial skill
Vendetta Strike Physical Cut attack. Deals high HP damage to one enemy.

Costs 12 MP.
Reach Level 11
Cursed Cut Physical Cut attack. Deals HP damage to one enemy.
Inflicts Curse on the target.

Costs 8 MP.
Reach Level 14
Falling Star Magical Light attack. Deals HP damage to a circle.

Costs 10 MP.
Reach Level 19
Full Moon Greatly raises Hein's MAG.

Costs 7 MP.
Deathtouch Has a low chance to instantly defeat one enemy.

Costs 9 MP.
Shadow Step Greatly raises Hein's AGI.

Costs 7 MP.

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