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Shards of Reality, sometimes known as The Crossover RPG, is a project that IncarnateParanoia (tbc) began for their 1000th edit. It is a turn-based RPG that centers on a small army of Fantendo characters from various sources and creators as they go on a journey across a series of broken and scattered Fantendo worlds that are just as varied. It is set to release on the V².


A more lengthy summary of the plot can be found here


Party Members

Name Description
Nameless The nameless protagonist that the player controls in the game. They appear to have amnesia, because of course they do, but their connection to the destruction of the worlds become obvious rather quickly.
Jake Skett An erebokinetic sceptile and a member of F.A.N.T., an organization specializing in the paranormal. He's blunt, anti-social, and cold, making him difficult to work with, but he's still a valuable ally.
Leah Needlenam A self-serving surgeon who tends only to look out for herself and her girlfriend. Yet somehow she finds herself playing hero again and again. This time, it's out of an unhealthy curiosity about Nameless.
Cura A cheerful and incredibly social android that was built in the early 1980s, but spent most of her existence offline. Her terminology is outdated, and her definition of "futuristic" is debatable, but she's trying her best to adapt to the modern world.
Hein Originally a reserved teen with a love of harmonica music and horror movies, but extensive exposure to the cursed atmosphere of the Dark Woods has transformed him into a demon. He's searching for his missing sister, Lily.
Unten One of the bear-like Beorns from the distant planet of Zeon. Unten may not always choose to be a hero, but he's a natural leader. Like Nameless, he seems to be linked to the worlds' destruction, but neither know how.
Alena Carter A superpower-obsessed engineer and a member of F.A.N.T., an organization specializing in the paranormal. She's ever-cheerful and easy to speak to, but tends to "nerd out" a bit when something catches her interest.
Amy Jackson TBA
Aran Leverletto An asshole, robotics expert, and Misfit equipped with an advanced mechanical prosthetic arm of his own design. He's hot-headed, and is usually the first to jump into a fight, but he means well. Usually.
Ema Maple A serene-looking woman who spent a year of her life in the Morlano Prison, during which she became caught up racism and rumors. Though she's totally normal in every conceivable way, she possesses an unnaturally calming aura.
Epica Collin TBA
Fera Bolstar The "Hero" sent to reluctantly represent the Terrans in their battle with more than fifty alien civilizations for control over the planet Coronite. Despite her soldierly origins, she's friendly and cooperative.
Kitey TBA
Kra;Gul TBA
Lucky TBA
Mioda One of Unten's close allies, a skilled huntress from Zeon's Baraenion tribe and the daughter of the tribe's chief, Dongorio. Arrogant and serious, but not to the point of being completely unlikable.
Nizzle and Zorp A squat metal cylinder with a pessimistic nature and his gibberish-spouting adoptive brother. These two go together like smoked salmon and bagels, and their cooperation is among the best of anyone in the party.
Pixel TBA
Rinddel A young and eccentric imp with an unhealthy interest in the human race and a really nice blue scarf. He knows Ice-element magic, which he uses in conjunction with his natural agility when he's forced to fight.
Rosa Yorkwich A girl who grew up on fairy tales, and eventually found one of her own on Florisbelli Island. There, she discovered a Crystal Sword and took it upon herself to track down a missing weapon with incredible power.
Sakeena Kamel A Muslim fangirl and aspiring writer gifted with the ability to manipulate metallic matter using her willpower. Her optimistic nature makes her easy to get along with, but she tends to freak out easily when meeting new heroes.
Sketch TBA
Smile A "ghostborn" (being born as a ghost) with a horribly ironic name. He sought the Crystal of Shadows to grant himself life, but is now a stuck as ghost forever after becoming the embodiment of Order.
Valerie Heartgold A greedy and flirtatious young woman working for the Zaxinian Government, better known as the celebrity singer Valentine. Her charming mannerisms mask a cold and calculating tactical genius, so watch your back...
Volt A stubborn and occasionally childish Sparkling equipped with a rare Galvan Artifact that enhances his latent electrokinetic powers. The Threat has an unhealthy interest in him, possibly to the point of being romantic.


Name Description

Friends and Foes

Name Description


The Shards are the main setting of the game. They are a collection of fragments resulting from a mysterious cataclysm that broke the Fantendoverse. Under normal circumstances, Shards are cut off from one another, but there are several circumstances in which Shards happened to land touching one another. This creates an Overlap, an especially unstable area that combines the traits of two or more Shards. For example, the overlap of Dark Woods' Edge of the Woods and the Swamplands' North Swamplands would result in a dark but marshy forest, where nasty and inhuman creatures lurk in the bog. A list and map of all of the Shards in the game can be found here!


If there's one thing that Shards of Reality isn't lacking, it's enemy varieties. Throughout the story, the players will find themselves facing a wide variety of hostile beasts and invasive armies, both of which seek to take advantage of the multiverse's weakened state. A list of these hostiles is located here!


Throughout the player's adventures, they'll no doubt discover plenty of treasures and shops, and through them obtain a small collection of useful items. A catalog of the items in the game can be found here!


Both the heroes and the enemies have access to special abilities called Skills, which are more powerful and more versatile than the standard set of actions but cost MP to use. A list of all the skills in the game is located here!


Because what would an RPG be without some catchy battle music? The (in)complete soundtrack of the game can be found here!


  • If the player fights The Threat with Volt in their party, the in-battle dialogue will be different.
    • Additionally, if Volt is equipped with the Voltdozz T-Shirt during the fight, PabloDePablo will break into your house and smash your gaming console with a sledgehammer.

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