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Shards Series Logo
Developer(s) NightMoonPratty
Publisher(s) Fantendo and Nintendo
Genre(s) Mecha
Guren Series
First Game Shards of the Past
Most Recent Game Shards of Final
Shards is an anime metaseries made by NightMoon (tbc). It has a spin-off series called Guren.

List of Main Characters

Shards of the Past

  • Dean Kitagawa - One of the Main Protagonists. He was disowned after his family found out he was part of the Task Squad 589 (not knowing they were the "Good Guys"). He pilots the S01-Arthur.
  • Nine Oikawa - One of the Main Protagonists. She followed Dean because she can't leave him alone. She also joined the Task Squad 589. She later becomes the main love interest of Dean, even ending up as his implied girlfriend in the 10th Episode. She pilots the S03-Guinevere.
  • Shirley Kitagawa - A cheerful, yet kind normal girl. She has a dream of becoming a wonderful Pilot like her brother, Dean. She pilots the R03-Vivid and the R04-Dhaos. She also piloted their variants.

Shards of the Beginning

  • Furawā Kitagawa - Dean and Nine's daughter. She, like her father, was lost and was adopted. She admires her mother. She pilots the S03-Guinevere.
  • Monogatari Kitagawa - Shirley's Son. He has a bad mouth, though that is just to hide his shyness. He specializes in piloting the R03-Vivid and the R04-Dhaos.
  • Lenna Vallière - Soran and Tatiana's Daughter. She succeeds her mother as Captain. She pilots the S04-BuRaikō

Shards of the Alpha

Shards of Remembrance

Shards of Black Justice

Shards of Final

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