Shaq Koopa
Shaq Koopa
Shaq Koopa is a time travelling basketball koopaling from the future, it is unknown how old he is...
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth 06/09/2696
Gender Male
Species Koopa
Current Status Stasis
Sexuality Attack Helicopter
First Appearance Mario Kart 42-Snoopa Pack DLC
Latest Appearance Mario Kart 42-Snoopa Pack DLC
I stole the skills of every basketball player in existance, nothing can stop me!
Shaq Koopa

Shaq Koopa is a member of the Koopalings. His age is currently unknown, therefore his position within the Koopalings is also unknown. At one point, he was just a normal Koopa who had nothing special about him apart from adventuring with Mario at some point, several hundreds of years later, he strangely mutated a photorealistic head with the likeness famous basketball player known as Shaquille O'Neal.


Shaq Koopa is incredibly rude, making incredibly insensitive jokes against other races or unskilled basketball players or 'trash-talking', he is the least popular of the Koopalings.  His existance is seemingly omnipresent, whenever he isn't punishing his victims with basketball death games, he is either watching, messing with, or even challenging people in different universes. He is the most memeable of the group.

Abilities & Weaknesses

Shaq Koopa has a pocket dimension in which his basketball arena full of deadly traps and tricks is held, among those traps and tricks are these:

  • Wormholes.
  • Lava Pits.
  • Fireballs that look like basketballs.
  • Spike Floors.
  • And many more...

The only way to escape this Koopaling is to beat him in a game of basketball, which is extremely difficult, and often requires you to outsmart him, anyone who encounters him only has 1 chance to beat him, as losing results in the summoning of the spirit of Shaquille O'Neal, who proceeds to go after you until you are caught resulting in instant death by Shaq Attack.

In kart racing games such as Mario Kart 42, he has a basketball vehicle which instantly destroys those unfortunate to be caught under it.