Shantae V
Developer(s) WayForward, Reaper Games,
Publisher(s) Reaper Games
Platform(s) DarkReaper, Wii U, Xbox One, PS4,
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)

PEGI: 12

Series Shantae
Predecessor N/A
Successor Shantae (2002)

Shantae V is a prequel to Shantae for the Game Boy Color. It revolves about Shantae's backstory, and how she became a Half Genie guardian.


In Sequin Land. Risky Boots tries to take over Scuttle Town for the first time. Back at Scuttle Town, when Shantae sees the pirate ship, and she notices that it's launching cannonballs and Tinkerbats toward Scuttle Town. She fights them off. Risky Boots reveals that her homeland is actually Autruth, and their summoning the Demons of Wrath to take over Sequin Land for good.

Arriving at Autruth, Risky Boots says that they need to work together if they were to destroy the Demon Queen. Therefore, they try to reach the top of Autruth Tower. Shantae uses the Genie Bracelet for the first time, and with it, she can transform into other forces and utilize genie magic.

After defeating the Demon Queen, Shantae gets transformed into a half-genie. It is revealed that Shantae's mother, is currently living in the Genie Realm. However, Risky decides to part from Shantae and starts to attack again, starting the events of the GBC Shantae.

There are two extra chapters where you explore the underground castle area.


Name Description How to Obtain
Monkey Jump higher Beat Chapter 1
Crab Fall underwater Beat Chapter 2
Spider Climb on background walls Beat Chapter 3
Mermaid Swim freely Beat Chapter 4
Succubus Fly, and command the undead Beat Chapter 5
Naga Sing to attack your enemies Beat Chapter 6
Bat Fly in small areas, sensor, fire lasers Slay the Dark Princess
Tinkerbat Secret dance Find a secret tunnel that turns into a dungeon from the Pirate's Curse. Talk to the Tinkerbat there to buy it.


Shantae's Weapons

Hair Whip

Level 1: 1 point of damage

Level 2: 2 points of damage

Level 3: 3 points of damage

Level 4: 5 points of damage and stuns enemies.

Level X: 8 points of damage, stuns enemies and star explosions appear when hitting enemies.

Level Luminite: Solar Eruption - 10 points of damage, explodes and debuffs enemies with Daybroken if hit.


Shantae can use her lamp as a magical weapon. There's currently 25 spells.

Risky's Weapons


Level 1: Scimitar - 1 point of damage

Level 2: Broad Sword - 2 points of damage

Level 3: Silver Sword - 3 points of damage

Level 4: Enchanted Blade - 5 points of damage and shoots a projectile.

Level X: Influx Waver - 8 points of damage and sword bullet can hit 4 times.

Level Luminite: Meowmere: 10 points of damage, sword bullet can hit 5 times, and bounces off walls.

The Squidsmith

There's a total of 68 heart squids, so a maximum of 20 hearts (80 hp) can be reached.


  • This was the first main Shantae game to have up to two players.
  • Crazy Credits: WayForward and Reaper Game logos show up out of crystals. In the trailers, they were shown out of meteorite.

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