Shantae Legends
Developer(s) WayForward, Sanzaru Games
Publisher(s) Capcom
Director(s) Matt Bozon
Programmer(s) Jeremy Green
Platform(s) Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Switch, New 3DS, RazerPocket
Release Date(s)
November 2017
Shantae GBC campaign, Shantae Legends campaign.
Age Rating(s)
E10+ (Cartoon Violence)

PEGI: 12 (Non-realistic violence toward human characters)

Genre(s) Action-adventure, side-scrolling.
Series Shantae
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Predecessor Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero
Successor Shantae: Reign of Sahakan

Shantae Legends is a 2017 Shantae game that is a remake of Shantae "02", and follows 1/2 Genie Hero, with Capcom returning to publish the game.


Shantae Legends represents Shantae's leap into 3D. The graphics evolved into similar to the Sonic Boom games by Sanzaru. Shantae now has combos so there are more ways to attack the enemy, and she can use some special moves to destroy her enemy. Shantae has a heavy attack now unlike the other games. 

After players beat the Legends campaign, they could start over again keeping their spells or they could start again in New Game+, where enemies do thrice more damage and take twice more damage but she keeps all her upgrades (including Chaos Dash) making speedrun faster, and she can increase her amount of health to 160. They could also still play the regular campaign if they're not ready for New Game+.

After players beat New Game+, they will also unlock New Game++, where enemies do five times the damage, have six times HP, are twice as fast, and Chaos Dash cannot one-shot the enemies. but max health increases to 320 and she can double her mana bar.

After beating New Game++, a golden statue of Shantae that is written "Sequin's Legendary Genie" will appear outside Shantae's lighthouse, which is popular on Miiverse among players to show their achievements.

  • Max Hair Whip Damage: 10
  • Max Hair Whip Damage+: 20
  • Max Hair Whip Damage++: 40


Combo Name Button Input Description
Hair Twirl L1, R1, (both buttons must be pressed at the same time) X. Shantae unleashes a spin attack, hitting enemies toward and behind her.
Hair Drill Hold X to charge up your hair whip, and then press R2. Shantae runs, hitting enemies.
Upper-cut X,X, Up, X, Shantae launches her enemies up the air.
Guard Crush X,X, Down, X, Shantae unleashes a earth blast, breaking enemy guards.
Genie Crash Jump, hold down and X. Shantae falls to the ground quickly, and makes a quake around her enemies, stunning them.


Form Name Description How to Get
Crab Transform into a crab that is able to walk underwater, uses pinchers as an attack. Defeat the Elder Crab
Naga Use your singing voice to hurt enemies, or weaken them. Defeat the Sandworm
Mermaid Transform into a mermaid that is able to swim underwater. Use a trident as an attack. Complete the Mermaid Palace.
Monkey Jump high, climb up walls. Uses claws to attack. Complete the Sky Palace.
Succubus Fly, use bats as an attacks. Summon undead and use an magnet attack. Defeat Freya
Phoenix Fly, use feathers as an attack. Succubus cannot fly to the sky while Phoenix can. Defeat Flying Fortress
Tinkerbat Optional form. You can use an battering ram, use a sword, a pistol to fight enemies, giving Shantae a much more combat-based form. Buy it from Bandit Town for 500 gems.

Genie Magic

Note: Genie Magic Bar can hold 100 magic with max upgrades. Note that enemies have a resistance to certain elements. 

Spell Name Description Mana Cost
Firebolt Cast a firebolt, hitting your enemies. 10
Wind Blast Use wind to damage and knock back your enemy. 10
Ice Blast Cast an ice blast, damaging and slowing your enemy. 10
Fire Geyser Summon a fiery geyser. 25
Wind Geyser Summon a air geyser. 25
Ice Geyser Summon a wind geyser. 25
Pike Orbit Summon a pike ball to orbit around you. 20
Super Pike Orbit Summon 3 pike balls. 50
Magic Missile Summon a magic missile to seek the enemy. 25
Fire Shield Resists fire damage. 25
Ice Shield Resists ice damage. 25
Air Shield Resists air damage. 25
Earth Shield Resists earth damage. 25
Decoy Summon a decoy Shantae to distract enemies. 50
Phantom Shantae Summon a phantom Shantae. 100
Meteor Shower Unleash meteors to fall on your enemies. 50
Icicle Shower Unleash icicles to fall on your enemies. 50
Thunder Chain Unleash lightning that hits your enemies like a chain. 50
Poison Cloud Unleash a poison cloud that hits your enemies over time. 50
Elemental Storm Unleash all four elements, combining to make an ultimate burst. 100 (Hyperactive)
Conqueror Summon 12 homing missiles.  100 
Chaos Dash Dash through enemies with invincibility. Great if you want to leave the Chaos Tower without fighting the waves of Chaos Armies again. Bosses are immune to dash damage. 100




The bosses in Shantae Legends have improved from the previous Shantae games, so there will be no more "Hard Levels, Easy Bosses."

An * means that this is an That One Boss on TVTropes.

Boss Name Description Attacks HP
Elder Crab The giant crab of the water island. Big pincers, can call crabs to fight 200
Sandworm The great sandworm that roams the deserts Drillers, burrowing, cannons. 250
Snow Dragon The snowy dragon that roams the snowy mountains Ice laser, flying pincers. 300
Chaos Risky (Wake Up Call Boss) Risky Boots who was corrupted by Chaos Chaos Pistol, Chaos Cannon, Chaosbats. 500
Succubus Freya* The shadow succubus that roams the dark jungles Mind controlling, bats, claws. 500
Flying Fortress The giant phoenix that roams the castle of Lorimin. Feather rockets, pecking, fire bombs. 600
Magala Titan* The giant titan known as the guardian of Chaos Castle. Giant sword, spiked armor, Chaos Lasers. 1000
Chaos The long lost Baron of Sequin Land that aimed to take over Sequin Land. Shadow lasers, homing missiles, and can call down Chaos Knights. 3000


Achievement Name How to Get Rank
Town Defender Stop Risky's invasion Bronze
Mission One Clear Chapter 1. Bronze
Genie Throwback Clear the 02 campaign. Silver
Genie Heroine Clear the Legends campaign. Silver
Genie Sorcerer Collect all of the spells. Silver
Genie Fighter Collect the entire Fighter's set Silver
Roadblock While racing against Rottytops, defeat her. (It doesn't halt her progress, as she will get up after 10 to 15 seconds.) Silver
Secret Collect Find Rottytop's missing journal. (It's hidden in Rottytops Race, but you'll also need to do Roadblock to get this journal.) Silver
Tinker Duo Find the Tinkerbat form in both campaigns. Silver
Iron Genie Defeat Freya without getting mind-controlled. Silver
Unscorched Defeat Flying Fortress without getting damaged. Silver
Discount Genie Defeat Chaos with only your hair whip Gold
Tinker Traitor Defeat Risky Boots as a Tinkerbat Gold
Out of Existence Enter your way into Mighty World. Gold
Legendary Genie Clear New Game+ Gold
Hurry Up! Defeat Chaos under 7 minutes. Gold
Greased Lightning Clear all chapters in the Legends campaign under par times Gold
Can't Touch This Defeat Chaos without getting damaged. Gold
Sequin's Guardian Collect all achievements. You are a hero to Sequin Land! Platinum

Shantae 6

Shantae 6 aka Shantae: Reign of Darkness will be released in a 3-developer collab between WayForward, Platinum, and Astralitz. The game is going to be an open world action adventure game using the Astral Engine, and is going to be optimized for 8K resolution. Unlike the previous games where Shantae is always fighting against Risky, Reign of Sahakan will show Shantae's first time fighting against evil genies. 

  • WayForward's role is to direct things out during development.
  • Platinum's role is to put their action game aspects into practice. Unlike other Shantae games which were easier, Shantae gets the Platinum treatment.
  • Astralitz's role is to make use of their engine to WayForward and Platinum; working things out, solving problems, etc.

The game would be released in November 2020 alongside Optimus (AstralOracle exclusive)


  • The idea for Shantae Legends was made after someone suggested that Shantae had to evolve, and she did.
  • In the Shantae Legends campaign, there is no Burning Town since they wanted to start off with something different to prevent it from being repetitive.