Shantae Heroes
Developer(s) WayForward, Nexon
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Platform(s) Wii U, Xbox One, PS4, Vita, PC, 4DS, Nvidia Shield, DarkReaper
Release Date(s)
NA and KR: November 13 2017

WW: November 20 2017

Single player, co-op.
Age Rating(s)

PEGI: 16

Series Shantae Team Series
Predecessor n/a
Successor Sequin Land's Heroes
Media Included Blu-Ray Disc, app, 4DS cartridge

Shantae Heroes s a Shantae game where players team up.

Players: 1 - 4


Willhermina, the witch of darkness, plans to darken Sequin Land for eternity with her invention: The Wand of Darkness. This is a task too difficult for a half-genie heroine to handle alone! Can Shantae arrange a team of heroes and save Sequin Land?

Playable Characters


Description: She is the half-genie of Scuttle Town. She saved Scuttle Town from Risky Boots, the Pirate Master, and Nega-Shantae.

Attacks: Hair whip, Genie Magic, and Transformations

Risky Boots

Description: She is the queen of the Seven Seas. Her henchmen are Tinkerbats, which she controls to build things and do things for her. Her homeplace is unknown.

Attack: Scimitar, Flintlock gun, Tinkerbat Guidance


Description: Loyal long time friend to Shantae. She is a war bird trainer and owns a bird named Wrench.

Attack: War Birds, Wind Magic.


Description: A mysterious space wizard that is currently new to Scuttle Town. He is currently on his revenge against Willhermina.

Attack: Space Magic, Armageddon Wand.

Secret Characters


Description: She is the dark side of Shantae, Shantae created her with her magic.

Attacks: Every attack with Shantae, except hair whipping has dark waves.

Unlock: Rebuild Shantae's lamp.


Description: He was exiled for abusing his powers. Today, he still has control for the unknown.

Attacks: Shadow Blade, Shadow Shifter

Unlock: Destroy all the Magnus Statues. Four are hidden in Castle World.


Description: He started a life of crime, but that changed when he saved a girl from the demons, and then became partners with her.

Attacks: Dual Gunblades, Demon Javelins, Cross Vulcan.

Unlock: Talk to Lu about her boyfriend (this happens rarely)


Description: The main anti-hero of Sequin Land. She created the Wand of Darkness, but Shantae destroyed it when her assembly of heroes made it to her castle.

Attacks: Dark Magic, Aging Orbs, Lasers, Gravity Showers.

Unlock: Beat the game on Hardcore mode.


Each chapter consides of 3 medium long stages. Defeating a boss, at the end of each chapter unlocks new abilities (Shantae's dances, Risky's Tinkerbat commands, etc.) with the exception of Willhermina's Castle.

1: The Raid

2: Sky World

3: Caverns World

4: Forest World

5: City World

6: Puzzle World

7: Water World

8: Fire World

9: Castle World

10: Dungeon World

11: Lava World

12: Willhermina's Castle


Special Stages

The consist of a mix of all of the enemies in a mysterious black space, and then you face the C.O.D.E.X.E.R duo. It unlocks when you beat the game, and would unlock the following things when you beat the Special Stage.

Behind the Scenes

How they did it.

Shantae: The Demo

Shantae: Multiple Endings was a true story?

Shantae: Risky Revolution

Play Shantae: Risky Revolution, the cancelled Shantae game!

Mii Minigame: MiiQuest

Play a board game with Miis that takes place in Sequin Land! Wii U and 4DS only.

Avatar Minigame: Battle of Sequin Land

Play a board game where Avatars defend Sequin Land from Willhermina's minions! Xbox One only.


Go through a giant playing field and summon enemies you've defeated! PS4 and PC only.

DarkGenie: Tinkerbat Wars

DarkDroids on each side fight with deploying Tinkerbats! DarkReaper only.


Listen to MissMeloetta's Shantae songs.

No. Title Artist Length
1 Sequin Land's Heroes MissMeloetta 2:45
2 Dance Through the Danger (Remix) MissMeloetta (feat Cristina Vee) 3:50
3 Tinker Dance MissMeloetta 4:40
4 Loyalty MissMeloetta 2:25
5 Moonlight Fountain MissMeloetta 5:25
6 Ice Queen MissMeloetta 2:00
7 Shantae 1/2 Genie Rhyme MissMeloetta 3:45


Just like 1/2 Genie Hero, they needed a Kickstarter to get their funds to make the game.

Money Needed Stretch Goal Description
$700.000 Magnus (Funded) Magnus is added in the game.
$800.000 Shantae Risky Revolution (Funded) Play the lost GBA game.
$900.000 Cutscenes (Funded) Animated cutscenes with music.
$1.000.000 Voices (Funded) Voice acting for characters.
$1.100.000 Additional Stages (Funded) More stages, more upgrades
$1.200.000 Elements of Harmony (Funded) Use the Elements of Harmony as a special weapon
$1.300.000 Hyper Skills (Funded) Characters have super attacks to decimate the enemy.
$1.400.000 Shantae: The Spinoff (Funded) Play the game based on the story "Muiltple Endings"


  • KOG filed a lawsuit against WayForward for taking their character, Luciel into their game without permission, but finding out that it was made by Nexon, the same company by Elsword, the lawsuit was dropped.
  • This is the first full 3D Shantae game.
  • This game avenged 3 goals that Shantae Half Genie Hero hadn't funded, Voices, Nega-Shantae and cutscenes.
  • This was WayForward's first game into the 4DS.
  • All of the music in the game except for "Willhermina's Purgatory" and MissMeloetta's songs were composed by Jake Kaufman, while "Willhermina's Purgatory" was composed by Will Ryan, who also composed some FNAF songs.