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Shaniqua's Promo Art.
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Genderless (Treated as Female)
Species Snail
Location Fantenville
First Appearance Fantendo Adventure

Shaniqua is a giant albino snail from Fantendo Adventure, she was the only albino snail in a colony of brown snails.


Shaniqua was a normal sized albino snail who lived in an exotic pet store, after Unten released poisonous spores across Fantenville she began to glow in the dark and later began to grow larger, later, the pet store was used a hideout for some of the survivors one of the survivors was Eva. Eva quickly became attached to the snail and the snail became attached to her too. Eva decided to name the snail Shaniqua and brought her along on her adventure. Eva and Shaniqua stuck together untill the end where a shelter designed to survive a comet hitting the earth was to small for both Eva, Shaniqua and Opal to fit in, Eva  and Shaniqua sacrificed their space so Opal would live, Eva and Shaniqua sat on a bench and waited for the commet to blast them to smithereans-- which it did.


  • Eva can undstand Shaniqua and vise versa.
  • Shaniqua rides on Eva's head
  • Shaniqua and the other snail where all given ghetto names.
    • This is because of the "Top 60 ghetto names" video that had been circling the internet.
  • Shaniqua technicaly has no gender but is treated as female just like the other snails.


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