Shane Chucoski

Concept art for Shane.

Shane Clifford is the main character in

Shane Clifford: The Adventure Begins. His age is somewhere from 11 to 12. He loves cheesecake & strawberry milk. Josh Abler is his cousin & best friend. He is rumored to be the son of Samus.

Character Description:

Shane is a pre-teen who loves retro games, cheesecake, & strawberry milk. His only friend is his cousin, Josh. He is very thin, though he eats a lot. He is very agile, which is taken from his mother.

Shane Clifford: The Adventure Begins:

The year is 2020. Shane is visiting his grandfather, Professor Hecto, when a TV reporter says that a "Dark Shane" has kidnapped the mayor's daughter, Demetra Smeech. Prof. Hecto then gives Shane the Watcha Gun.

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