Shadows of the Forsaken
Developer UniversalGaming Inc.
Publisher Logo
Release Date 2017
Genre Action-Adventure
Open world
Platform Wii U
Media Nintendo Optical Disc
E10Rating12RatingCERO B

Shadows of the Forsaken (often abbreviated as SotF), known in Japan as フォセーケンのシャドー, is a game for the Nintendo Wii U console, scheduled for release in early 2016. It is a crossover, action-adventure, role-playing game with an open world for players to explore; it pulls a multitude of Nintendo universes, among a few from third-party companies, into a strange realm known only as The Void.



Input Effect
Combat Safe Menus
Black WiiU LeftStick Move Character Move Cursor
Black WiiU RightStick Pan Camera Rotate Model
Black WiiU A Sidestep Right Interact Confirm
Black WiiU B Duck Crouch Cancel
Black WiiU X Hop Jump Closes Menu
Black WiiU Y Sidestep Left Sprint More Info
Black WiiU ZR Attack Right Draw Next Menu
Black WiiU ZL Attack Left Draw Last Menu
Black WiiU R Block Center Camera Next Menu
Black WiiU L Cycle Target Lock-On Last Menu
Black WiiU + Moves the Menu to the TV Zoom In
Black WiiU - Switch to Off-TV Mode Zoom Out
Black WiiU DPadUp Change Perspective Cursor Up
Black WiiU DPadDown Change Perspective Cursor Down
Black WiiU DPadLeft Cycle Target Left Camera Shift Left Cursor Left
Black WiiU DPadRight Cycle Target Right Camera Shift Right Cursor Right

Sidesteps may also be performed by quickly rotating the GamePad to the left or right (by about 15-degrees); ducking may be performed by laying the GamePad flat, and hopping may be performed by pulling the GamePad back. The menu may be accessed on the GamePad's touch screen at any time, or alternatively pressing Black WiiU + will move the menu to the television (or open the meny in the first place in Off-TV Mode.


See also: Avatar

Each account is provided with five separate character slots, known as Avatars; each is unique, with their own level, skills, inventory, and storage. However, all five share a Friends List, Hero Card, and Cyberstorage. There are a number of races available for players to select, but stats are independent from the player's choice of race.


See also: Scenarios

The story revolves around the player as they journey through the space between dimensions, where an event known as the merge caused The Void to absorb- and shatter- a plethora of different worlds. All around are floating masses of land, holding many different broken and ruined locations once known and loved by the various characters. To make matters worse, the shadowy clones of these very same characters roam the masses of land, bringing terror in their wake by replicating any and all abilities in a much darker form.

The Void

See also: Locations

The massive, open overworld is set in a seamless world, known as the Void, based on a number of different locations amassed from various Nintendo titles all thrown together. There are various Ray Points, which are strange obelisks which allow players to instantly beam to another that has already been discovered.


See also Weapons, Skills

Characters have a Power Crest embedded on their left wrist, which is a strange gem set in their skin alongside embroidery. It is stated that the power crest is what allows players to use skills and special attacks. It has been stated that the inspiration behind the power crests was the Exspheres of Tales of Symphonia and Photon energy of Phantasy Star.

All forms of combat, whether they are weapons, spells, summons, or the like, are all classified under a single section of the inventory, merely referred to as Combat Equips. Each one has various classifications, such as type, form, speed, element, etc. Characters are not locked to using any single classification, but it may be hard to use some without formatting that character's Skill Tree in certain ways specific to the equip.


Non-Player Characters

See also: NPCs

Non-player characters, or NPCs, are scattered across the many lands, each one being a character from an existing franchise. Some offer quests, while others are merely their for aesthetic reasons. Though not able to travel with a player, NPCs will attack any enemy that enters a certain vicinity around them. Players are also given the cloning device, an invention of Professor E. Gadd's which allows one to conjure a clone of a character to fight alongside them; however, it is only capable of maintaining a single clone at any given moment.


See also: Enemies, Field Bosses, Dark Clones

There are various enemies found throughout each and every world which had been absorbed by the Void. Some are native to the land masses on which they stand and continue to fulfill their purpose, while others are mass-produced dark clones which patrol the areas.

Beyond the common enemies, there are some enemies that are far less common, referred to as field bosses. Through methods which vary by boss, they will only spawn once certain conditions are met- such as killing a certain number of normal enemies or waiting for so much time to pass.

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