Shadows of Oblivion is a Legend of Zelda fanfiction.

Author: Dark Ridley

Genre: Adventure, Action

Timeline: Child Timeline

Summary: The story takes place after the games of the Child Timeline, and involves an attack on the kingdom of Hyrule by another empire, though it seems their are other forces at work.


In the land of Hyrule, a great evil was defeated many years beforehand by the legendary Hero of Time, but in doing so, the Triforce was split into its three portions that would then come under the control of Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf. Link would then go to return to his own time period several years before his duel with the villain and then alter the future, preventing Ganondorf’s invasion of Hyrule, and eventually cause his downfall and attempted execution. However having received the Triforce of Power, Ganondorf would not die, and was thus sealed away into the Twilight Realm by the Ancient Sages. However, this did not stop the power-hungry tyrant, and he eventually freed himself with the aid of the insane Usurper King Zant and his army of corrupted Twili, only to be eventually defeated by a descendant and reincarnation of the original Link, ultimately ending in his death.

This was not the end of Ganondorf, however, for he would be eventually be resurrected by his “Surrogate mothers” Koume and Kotake who managed to survive in this time stream, and were aided by the forces of Veran and Onox. They would ultimately fail as another reincarnation of the legendary hero stopped the ritual, ultimately forcing the twins to sacrifice themselves instead of Zelda, an act that brought Ganondorf back to life but only as a mindless beast.

This would not be the end either, for Ganondorf would continue to attempt to conquer the world, including the possession of such figures as Agahnim, in his quest to claim all three parts of the Triforce, an act that would grant him the powers of a God. So far however, the hero Link, who has been reincarnated by the Gods whenever Ganondorf should attempt to return and conquer the world, has thwarted him at every turn. As of this day and age, the dark lord has been sealed deep within his original homeland, the Gerudu desert, in an ancient pyramid turned prison, a location where it is believed he shall remain for all time… but events are occurring, and the wheels of fate are turning… a hero will be needed once again.

The Chapters

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