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Shadows in a White Night
Shadows in a White Night logo
Shadows in a White Night
Author Mirai Moon (tbc)
Release Date(s)
October 2015
Genre(s) Apocalyptic

Shadows in a White Night is an upcoming work of fiction centred around a catastrophic event from the viewpoints of three unrelated set of characters. It will be Jake's entry into the Spooky Scary Writing Competition.


Currently, it is expected that this story will feature five chapters, though this may be increased should the plot be greatly expanded upon.

Chapter Date
Chapter 1 October 07, 2015
Chapter 2 October 20, 2015
Chapter 3 October XX, 2015
Chapter 4 October XX, 2015
Chapter 5 October XX, 2015


There are three sets of characters. These groups serve as the main protagonists of the story.

  • A group of high school students who were trapped within their school:
    • Helen Peters
    • Eileen Peters
    • Catherine Harrison
    • Jackson Jones
    • Jordan Dalca
  • A member of a cruise ship crew and her friends:
    • Sam Carter
    • Carr Joseph
    • Marcus Farrow
    • Eric Terry
  • Astronauts living in a space station:
    • Jonathan Parker
    • Rex Calvin
    • Amanda Ryder
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