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Chapter Three: Reason

Written by Dk64rules (tbc)


"Brother! Brother Kala!! It's an emergency!"

"What what, what is it, Alak?"

"My research!'s gone!"

"What?! What do you mean, it's gone?!"

"What the hell do you think I mean?!"

"...Hm...I think I know who can help." Adsev Kala got up from his chair facing the grand window of his room and gestured for General Alak to follow. The two walked down the Advisor Tower stairs until they reached the door to the second floor entrance. Kala opened the door and the general followed close behind as they took the outdoor pathway to her majesty's throne room.

"Zeva, we've got a predicament on our hands, and I think this would be perfect for your first test as queen." Kala said to Zeva, who sat up with a nervous interest.

"What's going on?" she asked, in a nervous-but-trying-to-hide-it voice.

"My brother here, you know him as the general, Alak, was conducting some research on the Bochi Star on the side to redirect him from being completely taken over by his military work, and he tells me that his papers were stolen today, right off his desk! Would you be of any help to us?"

"Make him leave the room first." Zeva commanded. Kala accepted with a slight bow.

"Alak, you need to step out for a bit." Kala told his brother. Reluctantly, General Alak walked out without saying a word.

"What the hell is he doing, researching something we both know has to be kept secret!" Zeva was furious.

"Now now, cool yourself Zeva, if he got too far I already know what I would have had to do. I only let him because he seemed so caught up in his military tasks, I figured he could use his brain on something else as a hobby." Kala explained

"You know as well as I do-"

"Acutally, I know much more than as well as you do. I really suggest you don't let your anger compel you to say something you'll regret..." Kala looked at Zeva in such a way to remind her he still had some power over her.

"Well, I know I have no clue who took his work, and I know that if that work fell into curious hands, we'll see it show up again, so I propose this solution: do nothng, and when the time comes, we'll take all the action we need to." Zeva concluded.

"A wise choice..." Kala agreed, and walked out.

Zeva called Avez's room on her intercom control panel.

"Whatever you're doing, stop. Now."

"Oh, the doubtful Zeva, ever present in my life. You can't stop what my mind wants to figure out. I'll let you know when I need your help."

And with that, Avez hung up.


"WHAT?! You mean to tell me the one who stole my work was your own brother?!" General Alak grew red with anger.

"You can't be serious..." Kala added.

"Oh, don't play stupid, Kala. Avez has been fascinated with the story of that star since Father told it to us as children. Now with nothing to do, what else do you expect him to take on besides this?"

"Are you absolutely sure it is Avez?" Kala asked.

"He says that today, he has something big to present to me. Two months ago he told me he would only do this if he needed my help. I'll let you know if my educated suspicions come true after that. In fact, that meeting will be taking place shortly. I need both of you gone." Zeva answered.

"As you wish, Zeva." Kala bowed and took Alak with him out the door. The general and Adsev Kala parted ways, Kala heading back towards the Advisor Tower, meeting Avez along the way.

"Ah, lovely day, is it not, Avez?" Kala asked Avez, politely.

"Yes, Master Kala, very pleasant." he replied. Kala was humbled by such a title given.

"Please, for two months you have been as much an Adsev as I am. Call me Kala, I insist."

"Oh no, Master, I couldn't-"

"I insist. Come now. You, me, we are equal. 'Master' is for those higher than you. Understand?"

"Yes, Mas...yes, Kala." Avez corrected himself.

Pleased, Kala continued. "Very good, then. You are off to visit Zeva, yes?"

"Yes. I have something to show her. Something...she may either love, or hate."

"I hope it goes well." Adsev Kala bowed his head, as did Avez, and the two headed on their respective ways.

. . .

Zeva called Kala's room. "I was right. Avez has been researching the Bochi Star ever since he became a Monota Adsev. There was a different quality present in one aspect of his work than the others that were shown. A part that only someone like-"

"Alak would know." Kala finished Zeva's sentence, deeply disappointed. Not in Avez stealing Alak's work, or his own fault in helping Alak along, giving him such information, but in what had to be done as a result.

"You know what to do." Kala said, emotionless as to not let his true feelings through to Zeva.

"You're serious?" she replied.

"Absolutely. We're keeping who knows about the star down to us, them, and Avez."


"I'll send Alak, telling him that the information he found is of dire importance and must be shared with you straightaway, and that you were right in not helping Avez. You give him a taste of the truth, and then..."

"It shall be done."

. . .

"Ah, General Alak, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Greetings, your majesty. I have news of dire importance."


"Your brother Avez has been researching a peculiar item, is that correct?"

"Oh yes, the fairy-tale star. What about it?"

"You were right to oppose helping him. That star-"

"I'm going to stop you right there, General. Whatever you have to say, I already know."

"How? I didn't know anyone else knew the truth behind that star...except for who told me."

"Someone told me a day like this would come..."

"A day where Avez foolishly researches a very dangerous entity?"

"No...a day where I'd have to kill you for knowing too much."


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