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Chapter Six: Redstreak

Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

"He's here."


"I said he's here! The Kagumean boy who wishes to uncover our secrets...our time has finally come. You know what to do, Ilan. Go find him."

"Of course, master. I won't fail you."

Ilan walked outside. It was a cold night in the Grand City, the great metropolis of New Halldan. Even in the frigid air of the late night, people bustled around him and nearly pushed him over as he stood, on the sidewalk, looking up past the great skyscrapers into the light of the moon.The lunar rock reflected in Ilan's eyes.

It was finally his time. Years of preparing under the guidance of Kagumean teachers, and his own earthly master who trained with the teachers of the past generation, he was prepared to deal with their prophecized "Devil One", who sought out the power of the Bochi Star.

Ilan walked with the flow of foot traffic. He needed to reach the spot where the Great Castle in Kagume aligned with the city. There he would find the Devil One who shot through that ground mere moments ago.

As he walked, he saw a bright red beam of light streak across the sky above him. Ilan spun around and almost knocked over the person behind him.

"He's left the Alignment Ground! He's getting away!!" Ilan yelled into the communicator placed on his shoulder. His master received the urgent message.

"Follow him! Go!"

"What do you think I'm doing?!" Ilan snapped back.

The light whizzed around street corners, and Ilan followed as best he could. After a few minutes, the streak stopped and burst into a bright flash.

Right at the base where Ilan started.

Right where his master was.

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