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Chapter Four: Research

Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

"Brother...I can't believe you are gone...but it was for your own good. I will carry on with my plan and make sure your true legacy as general is never forgotten..." Kala said to himself in his room, looking at the stacks of Avez's research on the Bochi Star, placed neatly on a fancy desk.

"But, for right now, I guess I should look at how far you and Avez got..." Kala picked up a packet labeled "LOCATION" and opened its seal clip. This was primarily Alak's research. Amidst all the sketches and measurements of the Bochi Star's location was a small memory card, meant for a Kagumean government computer. Kala took the card and placed it inside his standard-issued computer. Instantly, it recognized the card's data and redirected to an interactive map. A red line stretched from the castle's location on the map to a bright light in the simulated night sky on the screen.

"Impressive...though rather pointless. There is much to gain for an ambitious and focused person like Avez, or my brother, even from a simple set of coordinates..." Kala left the computer on the map screen and picked up the second packet. "FACTS"

Kala opened the seal clip on this set of information, and dropped it to the floor almost immediately. He ran to the intercom control panel on the wall. Dialed "0-0-0-0" on the keypad.

"Zeva? Zeva!" Kala called for her frantically.

"What, what, what is it? Did we make a mistake?"

"No...not necessarily...I need you to come to my room."

"As you wish, Adsev Kala."

A bit later, Zeva came running into Kala's room. Kala sat in his desk chair like before, holding the "FACTS" packet, looking as it had before he opened it.

"What is that?" Zeva asked him.

"Well," Kala started. "First you should know that Alak had already discovered the Bochi Star's location before we ever found out..." He turned in the swiveling chair and revealed the map screen behind him.

"Impressive...but that wouldn't mess with us too bad." Zeva concluded.

"Okay..." Kala paused. "This will."

Kala threw the "FACTS" packet to the floor, making it spill its contents. Zeva stood in shock.

"Your father and I gave you a task to handle. You still have my help with it even! Keep the vital information about that star away from everyone, and if someone gets too curious, eliminate them."

"I understand sir-"

"Your brother has gone way too far. Look at this, I mean look', for god's sake! He knows about the way up already! He appears to be onto them even! If he breaks the skies we won't be able the stop him. Generations of secrecy, ruined forever. You know what to do."

"...Sir, do you realize what you're asking me to-"

"Do you realize the danger we are in?! If Avez succeeds in going up, all of Kagume will see it. What we really are, and where we really are. Stop him."

"But, kill him? There has to be another way."

"You killed my brother over his stupid map!!"

"At your orders, though!"

"Even so, Zeva, even so, he's dead over a quarter of the information that Avez has. Avez must die. Tonight."

. . .

I looked outside my window. A storm was about to roll in; I could hear faint thundering in the distance. I contemplated my current life. This was the first time I was to become something, never before now had I been anything more than a good son! Zeva was to become queen, so she was the one who got the attention. Now, I was finally going to make a difference.

I think Adsev Kala is more of a father to me than my own.

Rain started to pour, and I watched it attack my window with the signature crackling sound. I got up from my chair. Maybe it was go up. I thought about doing it the next day, but this storm is too good of a cover. Plus, no one at this time of night will be there to try to see or stop me, anyway. But...! The research! I need it to find my way!

I ran out of my room and ran downstairs, heading to Adsev Kala's room. As I approached the door, I slowed myself and, as politely as I could, opened the door.

I was met with the faces of Adsev Kala and Zeva, oddly. Zeva's face turned pale with fear as I walked in, but Kala sat in his desk chair, emotionless and calm as ever. I noticed many papers sprawled across the floor.

"Is research, Mas...I mean, Kala?"

"Is it? Oh, what sloppiness. Zeva, please clean up this mess."

"Zeva...I thought you had no interest in my work."

"Avez, now!!"

"Zeva, clean your mess up!" That was the first time I saw Adsev Kala angry.

But instead of turning around to pick up my papers, Zeva pulled a gun out from inside her coat.

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