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Chapter Five: Retaliation

Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

"Is research, Mas...I mean, Kala?"

"Is it? Oh, what sloppiness. Zeva, please clean up this mess."

"Zeva...I thought you had no interest in my work."

"Avez, now!!"

"Zeva, clean your mess up!" That was the first time I saw Adsev Kala angry.

But instead of turning around to pick up my papers, Zeva pulled a gun out from inside her coat. Her face, just like her voice moments before, told me to run.

She was going to kill me...but didn't want to? It was all so confusing and happened so fast, but I did what she asked and ran.

"Go after him! This is your mess, remember?! Clean it up, I said!!" Adsev Kala screamed at Zeva.

I was just in earshot to hear her turn and shoot the gun at Adsev Kala. I stopped, and saw her ran out of the room as soon as the gunshot sounded.

"We have to go...your research...I...know...more than you think..." Zeva started to talk as we ran up the stairs. Tunder boomed outside.

"Father...he knew...told me...before he died...I must protect...the star secrets...Kala...he knew too...thought I was doing bad job...had me kill his brother General have his research...and more than you should that you...found for yourself...Kala wants me to kill you and make never go up. But... I can't."

We reached my room. I shoved Zeva inside and slammed the door shut. Locking it, I told Zeva,

"It doesn't matter. If you've screwed up already, at least tell me some of the truth. Help me."

Zeva looked at me. "...Alright."

She began. "I can't tell you everything. Some things you will find out for yourself. I'm going to let you go up. We've been hiding something beyond the sky of Kagume. And by we've, I mean the Kagumean government. Since before Father's time. The star you seek, it is called the Bochi Star, or Graveyard Star. Fitting right? Anyway, it isn't really a star at all. You'll discover why no star is real when you go up. It is actually a marker. The coordinates you had of its location is a spot on the lands above. There, our ancestors hid something. The tale about the star is only symbolism for the immense power that this hidden object holds. If you get it...I don't know what will happen. But I know you'll find it. And I know that this hasn't been kept secret for so long for no reason. Something is out there that you need this power to stop. It may even be me. But you're going to find out, you understand?!"

"You're serious?" That was all I could ask.

"Yes!! Of course! Now, you know how to get up, don't you?"

"Actually, it was in my research...but I forgot."

"*sigh*...Okay, take my hand."

I took Zeva's hand.

My door was blasted off its hinges.

"You're helping him now?!? This is unacceptable, worthless rebel child!!" Kala screamed at Zeva. He survived?!

I felt myself glowing with a temporary power. Kala pushed me out of the way and grabbed Zeva by the arm. He surged with some kind of dark energy, and Zeva wailed in pain.

"Go!!! Avez, go!!! Jump!!!" Zeva screamed at me while Kala charged up another surge. I saw the acceptance in Zeva's eyes. She knew what my purpose was. She didn't want my help. The power she gave me could be used to stop Kala...but she didn't want it that way.

I jumped.

At breakneck speed, I shot through the ceiling, through the roof of the tower and hurled towards the sky.

I broke the sky too.

And was greeted with another one. This one was at daytime. The power ran out. I crashed to the grassland below. The hole I made going up from Kagume closed.

"What the...hell...." I grunted as I spotted what looked to be a city in the distance.

Where the hell was I?

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