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Shadows in Stars is an original story by Dk64rules (tbc), published by N Books. It is the story of how one intrigued researcher goes through great perils to find a star that holds the power and the souls of his loved ones, learning serveral new things and dark secrets along the way.

Shadows in Stars is a combination of more lighthearted story (taking influence from the tone of the stories of Voidverse, DK's first great original series) and more dramatic moments.


Prologue . . . Released Dec. 21

Arc 1: Kagume

Reluctancy . . . Released Dec. 27

Rethink . . . Released Dec. 31

Reason . . . Released Jan. 3

Research . . . Released Jan. 4

Retaliation . . . Released Jan. 4

Arc 2: The World Above

Restructured . . . Released Jan.

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