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Shadows 3 (影3 in Japan.) is a 2D Platformer/FPS game developed and published by Scarce Gaming for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, and PC on August 29th, 2016 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Spikeyfruit Shadows 2. It focuses on the adventures of Spikeyfruit, Ugli Fruit, Elderberry, Lava Guava, and Grapefruit as they go after Darkfruit for killing Passionfruit "Kushi."


The game starts with an HD remake of the original scene of a shadowy figure killing Kushi, much to Spikeyfruit and Ugli Fruit's shock. The figure then reveals himself to be Darkfruit, to the duo's anger, especially Spikeyfruit, who feels betrayed.

Two years later, Spikeyfruit and Ugli have gathered 3 soldiers; Elderberry-also known as Satsuma, a 200 year old martial artist from Centipede's childhood experiments, Lava Guava, a vengeful spirit of a sacrificed Guava, and Grapefruit, a professional con artist who changes his name and look to be unassuming.

Leaving to the Moderate Lakes for the first time in over 50 years, Spikeyfruit and co. enter Lake Entourage, and travel to the rest of the Lakes, along with Finger Lakes and Lake Campaign. Upon entering Lake Eerie once again, Spikeyfruit & co. find Darkfruit's Orange Camps.

Fighting their way through Orange Camps, Elderberry dies, and the others separate, until it's just Ugli, Spikeyfruit, and Darkfruit. After defeating the villain, Spikeyfruit tells Ugli to flee to somewhere safe, before being shot to death by Darkfruit.

After being shot and falling to the ground, Spikeyfruit looks up at Darkfruit and lets out a chuckle of, "Et tu, brute," before closing his eyes for the last time. Meanwhile, Lava Guava and Grapefruit are surrounded by enemies, and are brought to the gallows. As Grapefruit gets tied up, he lets out a final quip of, "This is it, Lava Guava!" before dying, followed by Guava himself.

Following Spikeyfruit's death, Ugli Fruit throws Darkfruit on the ground, shoots the villain to death by shooting each of his non-vital organs and body parts to death, before continuing on to the vital ones. As Ugli leaves by boat, he recounts the following lyrics from, "Scatman's World;"

"Everyone's born to compete as he chooses

But how can someone win if winning means that someone loses

I sit and see and wonder what it's like to be in touch

No wonder all my brothers and my sisters need a crutch."

Cut to Spikeyfruit's face, his eyes open as the game ends abruptly.



Default Button Command
Control Pad Sideways/D-Pad Left/Right/A/S Keys Move
A/O/Spacebar Jump
Control Pad Down/D-Pad Down/S Key Crouch
B/X while crouching/Z/X while crouching Roll Dash


Default Button Command
B/X/Z/X Spike Shot
B/X/Z/X twice Homing Spike Shot
B/X/Z/X while moving Tornado Dash
X/Square/V/B while jumping Jump Dash

Ugli Fruit

Default Button Command
B/X/Z/X Missile Shot
B/X/Z/X twice Homing Missile Shot
B/X/Z/X while moving Rocket Dash
X/Square/V/B while jumping Rocket Jump


Default Button Command
B/X/Z/X Fist Shot
B/X/Z/X twice Homing Fist Shot
B/X/Z/X while moving Blade Dash
X/Square/V/B while jumping Helicopter Blade

Lava Guava

Default Button Command
B/X/Z/X Lava Shot
B/X/Z/X twice Homing Lava Shot
B/X/Z/X while moving Magma Dash
X/Square/V/B while jumping Lava Jump


Default Button Command
B/X/Z/X Chuck
B/X/Z/X twice Homing Chuck
B/X/Z/X while moving Sonic Burst
X/Square/V/B while jumping Triple Jump

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