A group of shadows.
First Appearance Knights of Atlantica (2012)
Notable Members
Taren Loki

The Shadows, Shadows or Black Servants are a creature capable of advanced teleportation, mind control, though manipulation and memory-reading. They can disguise as anything they find in someone's memories, make him hallucinate meanwhile they take him to their base, and then sacrifice him. They're known as the Ultimate Assassins, being one of the greatest threats in Sylphiu, a unstoppable race created by the Dark Gods. However, they only attack when someone's time has come, and won't do anything before the death of someone calls. However, when angered, provoked or working for a subject, they show no mercy and can kill someone brutally just if he stopped them in their way. As they do mind control and hallucination through direct vision contact, they can be somewhat avoided by not viewing them directly at their eyes.

One of their weakness are androids: as androids aren't life forms, they cannot manipulate or mind control them, and are able to be weakened and attacked by them quite easily. They cannot attack gods either, as they owe them a debt for their creation and life.

They are created from any shadow or reflection of someone.