"F*ck off, b*tch." - The game's tag-line


Shadow the Hedgehog 2: Death Darkness Skull is the sequel to the infamous Shadow the Hedgehog game.


Sega said that "Since Sonic Boom was so poorly received we decided to go the complete opposite direction of that... we brought back Shadow! The game has no running or speed though, no. Instead Shadow slowly cruises around on his motorcycle through different dark, gloomy locations, shooting up people with his shotgun and repeatedly cursing. We also gave Shadow a redesign... he now wears shades, has a leather jacket, a big skull emblem on his chest, pre-ripped jeans, and biker boots, as well as a big scar on his face."


Shadow the Hedgehog, being defeated by Sonic again, is fed up, so he decides to attack Sonic and his friends, and throws a grenade at them. Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Amy die painful deaths, but Shadow is hit on his head by debris from the explosion. Shadow wakes up with amnesia, and goes to a biker club, where he is attacked by a gang who he brutally murders. He steals their leader's shotgun and bike, and takes off to recover his past. He attacks a science lab and kills all of the doctors, stealing their memory-restoring device which reminds him that Eggman created him and brought him into this painful miserable life.

Shadow goes to Eggman's headquarters where Eggman is building a robot army. Shadow sneaks into the control room and reprograms the robots to flip the bird to Eggman and then burn him alive with flamethrowers. Shadow takes over the world with his robot army, and forces everyone to listen to Nickelback music. Sonic's ghost attacks Shadow in his mansion. Shadow punches Sonic's ghost unconscious, then absorbs it, gaining super abilities such as a healing factor, super strength, immortality, flight, and teleportation. Using his powers, he goes around shooting all the rebels who oppose his rule over the Earth.

Soon, Rouge the Bat tries to stop Shadow, only to fall in love with him because of angst, rebellious nature, and tortured past. They totally do each other, and then have a super strong giant half bat-half hedgehog demon baby, named Titanio-Monger. Titanio-Monger destroys most of the world, and challenges his father to a battle. Shadow defeats Titanio-Monger with his super powerfulness, and then teleports to outer space, where he goes to find more people to kill.

The end.

Playable Characters


Shadow the Hedgehog 2 is a third person shooter in which Shadow rides around on his motorcycle and shoots people with his shotgun. However, the motorcycle goes very slowly, in order to differentiate it from regular Sonic games, which are "for kids". In the boss fights, Shadow must punch the bosses to death. Shadow also has unlimited lives because if he died that would make him "weak".


Upon it's release, Shadow the Hedgehog 2: Death Darkness Skull was universally acclaimed. It is the highest grossing video game of all time.

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