Developer(s) ZetaLabsLogo
Publisher(s) SEGA logo
Platform(s) Wii U, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan May 13, 2016
25px-Flag of USA May 13, 2016
25px-Flag of Europe May 13, 2016
25px-Flag of Australia May 13, 2016
Single-player, Multiplayer
Genre(s) Beat-'em-up, action
Media Included Game Disk

Shadow the Hedgehog 2 is the sequel to the 2005 game Shadow the Hedgehog, developed by Zeta Labs and published by Sega. Originally intended as an enchanced port of the original game for the PlayStation Portable, set to be released in 2008, although it was postponed and eventually cancelled. Production begun as a sequel in 2014, when Zeta Labs proposed an action beat-'em-up sequel inspired by modern games of that genre, such as Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.



The gameplay of Shadow the Hedgehog 2 is very different from it's predecessor. Instead of being a 3D platformer with weapons, Shadow the Hedgehog 2 is an action modern beat-'em-up, in the style of Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising. The game has four main playable characters, whom can be switched at any time through out the game, although for some sections only one of the four characters can be utilized in order to progress. Stages are open ended, players can go through the stage and complete the main missions in order to progress to story or complete side missions to gain upgrades, money or items. The game is more combat-oriented than platform oriented.

Battles are melee focused, with the characters being able to perform fast and deadly attacks in seconds. With every succesful attack, the character's Chaos Power bar increases. When it is full, the player can utilize one of four skills:

  • Chaos Control, which allows to them to stop time briefly, allowing the player to strike multiple attacks without the opponent having a chance to defend;
  • Chaos Spear, a powerful blast of energy that can deal a gigantic amount of damage;
  • Chaos Burst, which creates a burst of energy that goes around the character;
  • Chaos Clone, which creates three clones of the character that the player is currently taking control of, which then fuses with the character itself, increasing their speed and power 4x temporarily.

With Chaos Points earned by battles, players can unlock more Chaos Skills as they progress. As the story advances, Chaos Emeralds can also be utilized for combat purposes, which each Chaos Emerald upgrading a specific area of the character, such as their speed, gunplay and others. Gunplay is still a part of the game, although it is not the focus. Guns can be utilized to make combat easier, although they are optional. Guns can be bought on Rebel Omochao's Shop, as well other items and upgrades, which is accesible in between stages. The game mixes up during stages with different segments, such as stealth sections with Rouge, strike missions with Omega, in which he has to survive against an onslaught of enemies and hacking missions with Shadow Android, which are required in order to progress the stage or to unlock files that clarifies more on some of the character's backstories.

Chaos Powers



Image Description
Shadow the Hedgehog
The game's main character. Originally intended to be the Ultimate Lifeform, created by Eggman's grandfather and the Black Arms leader, Black Doom and he was originally Sonic's rival and Eggman's partner during the events of Sonic Adventure 2. Now as a GUN agent, Shadow works to protect his world from outer threats. He is the fastest of the four playable characters, although that comes at the price of him not being a the strongest. He is also the only one that can utilize the Chaos Combos abilities.
Rouge the Bat
A friend of Shadow's and the game's deutragonist. A former jewel thief who works as an undercover GUN agent, specialized in stealth action. A flirty and sarcastic lady, whom serves as the game's comic relief character, although one that is very serious depending of the moment. He regains her attire from Sonic Heroes, allowing her to utilize steel claws for combat. She can fly to get to places Shadow can't go. Rouge is the only playable character during stealth sequences. She is the most balanced of the four playable characters, having average speed and strength.
E-123 Omega
A rebel robot, created by Eggman to be a killing machine whom immedieatly rebelled against his own creator. A robot dedicated to destroy anything from Eggman and one that serves as the muscle of Team Dark. He is the slowest of the four playable characters, although he is the strongest and one with the most combat abilities, thanks for his multiple weapons that can hit from melee to long ranges.
Shadow Android
A robotic clone of Shadow of unknown origin. Found by GUN during a search mission, he was reprogrammed by GUN's scientists to be an ally. Shadow Android is the most mobile of the four characters and the only that can hack into computers, which is necessary for the progress of some missions. His mobility allows him to walk on walls as well another irregular surfaces. Android is the most riskiest playable characters, because he has less stamina than other characters and can be easly defeated if the enemy's attacks aren't countered in time.


Image Description
Agent Madonna Garnet
Commander Abraham Tower




Weapon Ammo/Uses Range Power Speed Type
Pistol 10 Short Low Average Firearms
Semi-Auto Rifle 30 Medium Medium Fast Firearms
Sub-Machine Gun 20 Short Low Fast Firearms
Gatling Gun 40 Long High Fast Firearms
Heavy Machine Gun 30 Long High Fast Firearms
Light Shot 20 Medium Low Medium Firearms
Flash Shot 20 Medium Medium Fast Firearms
Egg Gun 20 Long Medium Slow Firearms
Ring Shot 20 Medium Medium Medium Firearms
Heavy Shot 30 Close High Slow Firearms
Survival Knife 6 Close Medium Fast Close Combat
Egg Spear 6 Close Medium Fast Close Combat
Dark Hammer 6 Close Medium Fast Close Combat
Black Sword 6 Close Medium Fast Close Combat
Bazooka 6 Close High Medium Cannon
Big Barrel 8 Close Low Fast Cannon
Black Barrel 8 Close Medium Slow Cannon
Egg Bazooka 6 Close High Slow Cannon
Grenade Launcher 8 Close Medium Fast Cannon
Tank Cannon 3 Close High Fast Cannon
Laser Rifle 20 Medium Medium Fast Laser
Refractor 20 Medium Medium Fast Laser
Splitter 20 Medium Medium Fast Laser
4-Shot RPG 12 Long High Medium Launcher
8-Shot RPG 24 Long High Slow Launcher
Big Worm Shooter 6 Long High Medium Launcher
RPG 12 Long High Fast Launcher
Wide Worm Shooter 18 Medium Low Medium Launcher
Worm Shooter 4 Long Medium Fast Launcher
Vacuum Pod 20 Long Low Fast Vacuum


Image Description
E-106 Eta
The last remaining original E-Series robot, who was recently found by GUN, still up and functional. Shadow is sent to defeat him and take him back to the GUN Headquarters. He is the game's first boss and a serves as a tutorial for the game's boss battles. His attacks are based upon the attacks of other E-Series units from Sonic Adventure.
Cassia and Clove Pronghorn
Two sisters working for Eggman as commanders of his Badnik Army. Cassie is an ill pronghorn, who was turned into a cyborg as an attempt to heal her seemingly incurable disease and Clove is a member of Eggman's armada and one of the guardians of the Chaos Emeralds that were stolen by Eggman. In the first fight against the heroes, Cassie and Clove utilize the prototype machine entitled the Egg Destroyer, as well sending Badniks to fight against our heroes.
A cybernetic orca who is being controlled by Eggman Forces. Akhlut has no control over his actions and by the commands of the Eggman Forces, he makes a surprise attack on the team. Akhlut's boss battle is reminscent of the Orca segment of Emerald Coast, only this time, the player has to fight against the orca in an auto-scroller. Akhlut can either destroy the bridge, attempt to strike a beam on Shadow or dive on the water and appear ahead of Shadow.
Tails Doll
A mysterious living doll who lives inside a haunted mansion attraction at Eggmanland. Tails Doll has a control gem that allows it to control the inner workins of the attraction. His boss fight is pretty unique since it involves catching Tails Doll without having to directly fight him as well dodging the traps set by Tails Doll within the mansion attraction.
A bonus boss, who is fought if the player has completed the game once. A gigantic being of unknown origin with incredible deity-like powers imprisioned in a realm entitled Zone of Silence. He challenges Shadow and his team in a series of challenges to see if they are worthy of fighting against him. After Shadow completes his challenges, Feist goes against him. He can control physics, as well shot beams out of his eyes, as well the ability to negate or steal one's special abilities, since he can take control over anyone within the Zone of Silence.



Shadow the Hedgehog 2 OST
# Song Title Artist
1 Radical Highway Crush 40 / Neves Paradox


  • Despite being a sequel to Shadow the Hedgehog, an old canon game, the storyline of Shadow the Hedgehog 2 is techincally canon to the Sonic Blur series.
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