Shadow Yeoarin
A dark genie as he appears in Indigo Extreme Bloodshed.
Full Name Shadow Yeoarin
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth  ???
Zodiac Sign  ???
Gender Unknown
Location  ???
Main Weapon(s) Ghost Sword
Ability/ies  ???
First Appearance Indigo Extreme Bloodshed
Shadow Yeoarin is another genie that appears in Indigo Extreme Bloodshed. Unlike Xinbo, he's small than him, he has a ghost sword that it will protect from magic projectiles and other projectiles.


Indigo Extreme Bloodshed

NOTE: I think this is the first and only appearance, if it has another appearance, this note will be deleted.

Shadow Yeoarin appears as the first time, and the main villain of the game.


Shadow Yeoarin has a emblem that it was made by Xinbo. Trying to be a medieval ghost warrior.

Shadow Yeoarin Emblem

The emblem.