Shadow Warrior Yen

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Shadow Warrior Yen is a spinoff of the main Yen Series. It is a sidescroller, like it's counterparts. But Yen has a grappling hook, allowing a more in-depth gameplay.


Yen has a dream, that tells him to travel to a different part of Dreamland. He sees a Beanish looking creature, summoning a dark force from an orb. A map appears in Yen's hand. Yen wakes up. The map is still in his hand. He must now travel to this new land... and stop that force from unleashing itself upon Pop-Star. He must defeat many challengers and save the world.


Shadow Warrior is a text-heavy 2d sidescroller. Yen is very athletic, being a Ninja. He has a grappling hook, which he can use to attack enemies, grab faraway items, and reach faraway ledges. He can climb certain walls, and throw enemies. Each World has 10 levels. here they are.

World 1- Waddle Town / Boss- Bobby

World 2- Chilly City/ Boss- Hehe

World 3- Waddle Lake/ Boss- Thunder Charged Bobby

World 4- Leo Lavas/ Boss- Thunder Charged Hehe

World 5- Rocky Heights/ Boss- Hehe & Bobby

World 6- Dark Deaths/ Boss- Destructope


Yen Shadow

Our hero. A ninja Puffball. He is one tough creampuff!


The servant of Destructope. Will do anything to stop Yen. Always yells at Bobby.


Bobby is stupid. He doesn't know what 1+1 is, so he is looked down upon by Hehe.



Yen's new enemy. Wants to be the king of Popstar. The only thing standing in the way is Yen.

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