A= Punch & Kick Combo - The same as Sonic's Punch and Kick Combo, This does much more damage though but has starting lag.

B= Chaos Beam - Shadow holds a Chaos Emerald and a light beam shoots out. this is similar to R.O.B's beam attack, when in contact the opponent flys upwards.

(A)= Chaos Kick - Shadow rolls forward ( Like Snake does ) and when in contact with the opponent he pelts them with strong kicks ( this is his strongest attack.)

(B)=Speed Charge - Shadow charages up and fires forward ( Similar to Ike's but not the same he goes much faster and does much more damage.)

D A= Strike Kick - Shadow charged a mighty kick and he shoots forward ( Like Captain Falcon's Down B )

D B= Chaos  Pulse - This is the same as the Down B preformed by Fox . But shadow will slowly heal, Just Like he Down B by Ness.

U A= Combo Kick - Shadow flips and Kicks upwards, on the 4th Kick shadow kicks the opponent downwards, acting similar to a meteor Smash.

U B= Time Shift - Shadow Teloports upwards Similar to the Up B preformed by Zelda and Mewtwo. This can inflict damage.

FINAL SMASH= Chaos Control - Foes cannot move from their position, Shadow jumps to the middle and chaos emeralds fly out and crash into the opponents, dealing major damage.

Taunt 1= Jumps up and pushes arms out. the same as Ganondorf's taunt.

Taunt 2= Throws up a chaos emerald and catches it behind his back while grinning.

Taunt 3= Tilts his head down and frowns, He then jumps up and flips over and clenches his hands.


Shadow on Green Hills stage.

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