Shade Mushroom
Item Type Transformation
Kind of Item Mushroom
The character can form dark spheres and throw them towards enemies. They can become invisible in dark areas as well.
Related Items
Super Mushroom
Fire Flower
Vanish Flower

The Shade Mushroom, originally known as the Shadow Mushroom, is a power-up that appears in fanon Super Mario games. Its name was changed to avoid confusion between the resulting form and the character known as Shadow Mario.

Usually, the Shade Mushroom will grant its user the following abilities:

  • They can launch dark spheres at enemies, slowing them down on contact (but only for a few seconds).
  • The user may also be able to blend in with dark areas, thus rendering themselves "invisible". They will become visible again when they come back into a lighter area.

Some games may use the Shade Mushroom in levels with enemies that carry sources of bright light, one such enemy being the Goombulb. If such an enemy gets close enough to a Shade form character, they will revert to their Super form.

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