Shadow Lord
Current Age n/a
Date of Birth created by Gold Master
Gender Male
Current Status converted into power by Dr. Mewtwo
Class villain
Main Weapon(s) his powers
Ability/ies Flame of Hate, Mercury Laser, Black Hole, Fire of Burning Destruction/Wrath and possibly many.
First Appearance Renan: Return of an Ancient Evil (main role)

Renan the Mutant Pikachu (mentioned only)

Latest Appearance Renan's Destiny
You forgot, I am no more Lucifer, my dear bro, I am now known as THE SHADOW LORD!!!
Shadow Lord trying to have his brother call him his real name.

The Shadow Lord (formerly Lucifer) is one the major antagonists in the RenarioExtreme series. He is the younger brother of the Gold Master, but was imprisoned in hell because of his rebellion/betrayal against his lord. He is one of the Destructive Seven.


Before he was banished, Lucifer was a peace-loving but very arrogant Dragonite. Now, as his current form, the Shadow Lord, his heart is filled with pure anger and hatred and is very arrogant, vengeful, jealous, heartless, wrathful, destructive, demanding, can lose his temper very easily whenever his minions failed him and very hateful towards happiness and peace. He wants complete revenge and destruction, and is usually very upset with Dr. Mewtwo and his minions because of their failures to elimate Renan, his friends, the Gold Master, his own brother and the Shine Emperor, his former lord. Representing the sin of Wrath, the Shadow Lord also has a very destructive temper tantrum, and will always blame on other Pokemon even if it is his own fault. Because of this, none of his minions like him at all, and is all scared of him. He always believes that strict rules, laws and regulations are a serious treat to people. Because of this, he always wants his minions to destroy the Shine Emperor and the Gold Master. Even though the Shadow Lord may be the most scariest, but he is scared of Deathscar, his boss.


The Shadow Lord is said to have more than 10000 abilites. He can create power full of negative emotions with his anger and hatred, breathe fire that contains hate, destruction and misery, and destroy everything. These abilities were given to him from Deathscar while he is in his prison.


Dr. Mewtwo

Dr. Mewtwo never liked the Shadow Lord, and so does the Shadow Lord.

Gold Master

Even though the Shadow Lord plots to destroy his own brother, he still has respect for the Gold Master because he is his older borther.


Million centuries ago, many Pokemon started a terrible war between themselves to take control of the PokeMutant World, until the Shine Emperor showed up and stopped the war. The Shine Emperor then created the Gold Master and Lucifer in order to help him keep the peace of the world. However, the peace was short-lived because one day the Shine Emperor tested their obedience by making the whole world very dry and made all the Pokemon work without resting because Lucifer, obessed with his own power, started to force all the Pokemon to listen to him only. Lucifer, believing that the Shine Emperor was very cruel, decided to help the Pokemon. Instead, many Pokemon was angered by his help, yelling at him to undo it, but Lucifer just responded by killing them. Angered to see what Lucifer was doing, the Shine Emperor punished him by banning him to fly, made his skin become black and ugly, and then banished him to hell. After getting banished, Lucifer turns into the Shadow Lord. Horrified by his punishment and filling his heart with anger, he swore revenge against the Shine Emperor, attempting to kill him, after asking for more power from Deathscar. The Shine Emperor then created eight spirits and gave them to the Gold Master to defeat the Shadow Lord, reimprisoning him. From that event until now, the Shadow Lord seeks to destroy the Shine Emperor and the Gold Master by sending his minions to corrupt the PokeMutant World so that he could rule it all by himself.


Renan: Return of an Ancient Evil

After the events of Renan and the Seven Destructive Rulers, Dr. Mewtwo's satelitte fell off from space after Dr. Mewtwo was defeated by Renan again. It fell onto a statue of the Shadow Lord, causing him to escape from his prison. The Gold Master, hearing his evil laugh, felt very depressed about it and gets serious, sends Renan and his friends to the Shine Emperor's palace, and the shine Emperor tells the story about him to Renan and his friends. Meanwhile, the Shadow Lord was seen scolding Dr. Mewtwo for his many times failures and threatens to banish him if he fails him one more time. Then, Dr. Mewtwo captures more Pokemon and corrupts them to defeat Renan. Once Dr. Mewtwo is defeated, the Shadow Lord angrilly shoots lasers at his backside, refusing to listen to his explaination.

Renan: Return of Peace

The Shadow Lord was angry at Dr. Mewtwo and his minions for their previous failures to elimate the Shine Emperor, the Gold Master, Renan and his friends, threatening them to be banished to his prison if they fail him one more time.

Renan: Dr. Mewtwo's Biggest Revenge

The Shadow Lord was in a terrible mood, until he learns about the creator and the true mastermind of destruction, Deathscar. Once Deathscar is freed with powers of disharmony, chaos and destruction, the Shadow Lord tells Dr. Mewtwo that he is no longer needed because of his previous failures and Deathscar is the best minion for him. Upon hearing that, Dr. Mewtwo became enraged about it. Using one of his stun lazer cannons, he zaps the Shadow Lord, converts him into dark power, absorbs it and becomes a stronger version of himself called "Dr. Mewtwo: Darkness Mode".