"Do I really belong? A shadow of a shadow? Am I even ment to excist?"

            ~Shadow Linnea Talking To Shadow Link

Shadow Linnea, or Linnea, is the shadow of Shadow Link created by Ganondorf as test for Shadow Link, but she became close with Link and Illia and grew a mind of her own.

Phsyical Appearence                                

Linnea has fair skin, dark blue eyes, and shoulder length dark purple hair. She wears a black tunic, a pointy black hat, white tights, a white long sleeved shirt, and brown leather boots. She is nearly an exact copy of Shadow Link. However, due to being female, she has a medium sized bust, a slender figure, and wide hips. She is often discribed as a female version of Shadow Link.


Linnea was at first a bit rude and selfish, but later on she softens up. She has a bit of a bad attitude and a foul mouth, but she truly is a softy. She is often taken advantage of due to her little knowing of the human world. She is good friends with Illia and Link, and for a short period of time, she had a perverted crush on Link, making Illia jealous for a while, but eventully the two made up and became friends again. This shows that she may not understand love between others, but it is unconfirmed.


Linnea has all the same abilities as Shadow Link, possessing dark powers and the power to travel through mirrors. She is a great sword fighter and even managed to defeat Link and King Bulbin with ease.



Linnea is closest to Illia due to her being by her side and understanding her more than Link. However, when Illia found Linnea making out with Link, who at the time, had no idea what was going on. Illia was shocked due to Link and her were a couple and did not want Linnea interfearing with her relationship. Later the two made up and became friends again.

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