"Why, hello, little one. Kirby, is it? You're the one who destroyed the Star Core Nucleus. That corrupted core was my last line of defense. Now I'll have to take care of you myself!" Shadius, Kirby:Cozmic Adventure

Shadius is the main villan of Kirby:Cozmic Adventure.


Shadius's main color scheme is blackish mostly. He has four red eyes and two disembodied hands. He wears a purple and gold robe decorated with four large golden spikes and a magic crown.

Powers and Abilities:

Shadius is a master of darkness and anything related to it. His battle powers include summoning shadowy orbs of energy and controlling his minions, the Spectrashades. He can create a unique item called a Dark Shard. These purple crystals act like Horcruxes from the Harry Potter series, but they don't give him immunity and are mainly used as a way to possess people. He also seems to know his world is a video game, calling the player as such and reffering to the Halfmoon High Council as "high and mighty NPCs".


After conquering Dark Star under Hexica's influence, Shadius became leader of an army of Spectrashades, who act as his personal little servants. He has Castle Darkstorm as his personal outpost, where he stores all his inventions and weapons. He also has a vehicle he calls the Specter Speeder, which Kirby & friends must destroy in Dark Star's first level, Dimensional Speedway.

Battle Strategy:

The main attack in Shadius's boss fight is that he generates three or four Dark Shards in various patterns that he tries to impale Kirby with. These can be sidestepped easily. Another attack is he charges a CAHMEHHAMEHHA attack on one side of the screen. If Kirby moves up or down, so does he. After a few seconds, he fires a SHOOP DA WOOP LAZAR at Kirby. (Yes, he actually says these thing 'cause this game has voice acting.) The trick is to keep jumping and move when he stops moving. He can also generate a portal that launches three Spectrashades.

When his health is halved, he will waste no time in generating a large black hole. Simply dash away to avoid the void. His Dark Shard attack now homes on Kirby, but can be avoided by running randomly around. A new attack is where he summons a black maw and warps it into the ground so it can eat Kirby.

When his health is quartered, he'll make another black hole. This time, the pull is stronger and various objects get teleported in by the little stinker. Instead of performing more varieties of Dark Shard attacks, he generates two black stars that shoot them for him. They no longer home, so sidestepping will work again. The portal now launches five Spectrashades, and two maws are created. He can now enlarge his hands and fire double SHOOP DA WOOP LAZARS, which can be aimed in any direction.

When he is down to one hit, he generates a five pointed star around him. This must be destroyed by Ultra Sword. While Kirby tries to hit him, he warps in Spectrashades, Gordos, and apples.

Once defeated, he increases his power, becoming Shadius Soul.


Shadius is a rather intelligent being, and is very inventive, saying that he invented Heavy Lobster and Koloktros. He thinks highly of himself, and is a bit harsh. He is an excellent strategist, and claims he beat Kululu in a game of Stratego.



While for most of the game Shadius is against Kirby, he seems to respect him a lot. Case in point, he bows to Kirby before becoming Shadius Soul. Second case in point, during the second half of the game, he tells his minions to go easy on him.

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