Several Nights at Fierce's 3
Several Nights at Fierce's 3's icon
Developer(s) Poisonshot
Platform(s) ROBLOX Player Beta
Genre(s) Survival Horror
Series Several Nights at Fierce's
Predecessor Several Nights at Fierce's 2

Several Nights at Fierce's 3 is the third game in the Several Nights at Fierce's franchise. It has only been announced recently and not much is known about the game yet.


There is very few information about Several Nights at Fierce's 3's gameplay currently. It is known the player will have to deal with the animatronics in some way. It is also confirmed there will be cameras.


A few characters have been confirmed to be in the game.


It has been confirmed some of the new animatronics will be females in order to balance the male/female ratio.

Character Description Reveal Teaser


Gilgamesh the Goblin


Gilgamesh is a returning animatronic from the second game, through he areadly appeared in the first game as an hallucination. He is the main villain of the Several Nights at Fierce's series. His right arm has been broken off while his left arm was somehow replaced by his axe. Both of his ears have been ripped off as well. His legs and feet appear to keep thier suit on, but the rest of his endoskeleton is exposed. He is very rusty. HeIsStillHere


Layla the Lava Chef


A new animatronic. She is a chef animatronic that does most cooking-related tasks. Layla rolls on wheels. She is mostly red. She has two black eyes on her head suit. Layla wears a pink bowtie and always carries around a chicken leg on a plate. Her torso appears to be made to look like a dress. LaylaTheLavaCooker


Crabbette the Crab


Crabbette is a returning animatronic from the second game. She will be the only returning animatronic to not be withered up. Her eyes are now more rounded. Her appearance was changed a lot from Several Nights at Fierce's 2. Her ribbon is now at the right side of her head. Her legs are no longer articulated; she rolls on wheels now. Her pincers also seem to be less articulated.



Crabby the Crab


Crabby is a returning animatronic. He is probably the least withered animatronic out of the withered ones. His right pincer is broken. His back left leg is also broken. He has big red eyes. Oddly enough, the wires that were originally on him are gone. Crabby's presense isn't a surprise as it was shown that he survived the second game's fire in it's good ending.



Breakmind the Fortune Teller


Breakmind is a fortune teller animatronic, through it was scrapped before beign put in use. It's suit is made of fabric. It has a grey head with two large black eyes that look like they're crying, with the tears ending with purple spots. It has four legs with violet bottoms. There is an indigo ball on it's head with small stars inside of it. It's endoskeleton eyes are shown. Breakmind



An unknown antagonst shown on the "History repeats itself..." teaser. It is unknown whether it is a withered version of an old animatronic or a new animatronic. It appears to have red eyes. It has a skeletal shape as well as a metalic tube in it's middle. HistoryTeaser

The Doll?


An unknown antagonst shown on the "History repeats itself..." teaser. It looks similar to The Doll. It appears to wear a hat of sorts, and upon further inspection a jacket too. Strangely, it has blue eyes instead of the original red eyes. HistoryTeaser


Bodhi the Blob


Bodhi is an animatronic from the first game. While in the previous games he was in a good state, here he is extremely withered. The only part of his suit left is his fedora. His right eye appears to be dirty, making it less shiny. He still rolls on wheels. His endoskeleton seem to have been completely broken, with metallic tubes holding the top and the bottom of his body as well as his eyes. I'mStillHere


Michael the Minion


Michael returns from the first game, now withered. He was Bodhi's partner. His torso suit has managed to survive, through it's very broken. He appears to have mold growing on his chest and his head. His left eye is shattered. He is missing an arm. His tail is still present. His head appears to be broken, with machinery holding up two parts. WeWillLiveOn


It is unknown where the game will take place exactly. Two of the teasers, upon beign brightened, show a place with a blue-ish carpet or a burned floor, as well as yellow walls with tiles similar to the Five Nights at Freddy's 3 office. Two others show a much cleaner looking place; the floor beign made of blue and green tiles apparently made of marble or a similar material while the walls are blue. They seem to be larger in the Crabbette teaser then they are in the Layla teaser.

However, the release of new pictures showing the rooms reveal an overall different design. The floor is checkered with black and blue tiles. The walls and ceiling are also blue. The third room shown shows yet another design; yellow walls, blue ceiling and vent-like tiles on the ground.

Most of the rooms shown so far seem fairly generic, with furniture such as pots as well as lockers and shelves around the hallways. The "third room" shows tables with cake on them as well as a poster very similar, if not identical to one from the first game.





  • Oddly enough, the game is categorised as a Survival Horror game instead of a Point-and-Click game. It is unknown why currently.
  • Breakmind replaces an animatronic named Drawo. She was supposed to be an hybrid animatronic made from the parts of Drago, Drake and Drew but she was scrapped after errors made her impossible to build.
  • Another scrapped animatronic was a mechanical spider animatronic. She was supposed to hang from the ceiling and the player would have to check the ceiling for her. Unlike Drawo, she didn't make it to the building phrase.

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