Several Nights at Fierce's 2
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Logo by Lumogo
Developer(s) Poisonshot
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) ROBLOX Player Beta
Genre(s) Point-and-Click
Series Several Nights at Fierce's
Predecessor Five Nights at Fierce's

Several Nights at Fierce's 2 is the sequel of Five Nights at Fierce's. The game has been renamed to "Several Nights at Fierce's" because it is confirmed there will be 10 nights, not counting the various extra ones.

According to the creator, the original game will not be changed much other then grammar fixes, but this game will attempt to "fix" the issues in the original while still making sense in the plot.

Soon after the game's second teaser was releasen, a demo was send out revealing the first 5 nights.



You have been hired as a security guard in a local restaurant named Fierce's Foods. You've always dreamed of working at this place; the robots used in it to entertain people are so fascinating! However, it turns out Fierce's Foods has dark secrets; when not watched, the animatronics attack people because they have a virus. Additionally, your office is the perfect way to because clostrophobic. To defend yourself from the animatronics, you have nothing but doors.

Night 1 to 5 (First Week)

The night guard, upon entering the office, gets a transmission from the day guard. He tells him about the virus the animatronics have, then tells him behaviours of the two animatronics active first, Bodhi and Michael. He gives the guard another transmission in Night 2, this time to tell him about Drake, Drew and Drago. The Night 3 message tells him about Crabbette, but this time tells the guard about Crabby, an animatronic that was scrapped after beign too damaged.

As Night 4 has no animatronics, the defender tells the player about the state of the old restaurant, which was decrepit and dirty, and also about the place beign so huge people that lived near the restaurant complaining about it. On the fifth night, he talks about a machine that creates ultrasounds calming the animatronics, and also rants a bit about how advanced the technologies of the animatronics are. Near the end of the night, he speaks to the guard again, this time informing him new animatronics are going to be activated in the night shift's second week.

Night 6 to 10 (Second Week)

The day guard knows a lot less about the theater animatronics. He only barely knows thier behaviours. On Night 6, he talks about Gilgamesh and also tells the player about The Doll and how he's afraid of it. On Night 7, the protector talks about Richard, then attempts to tell you the story of the original Fierce's Food, but his transmission is cut by the later's staff.

On Night 8, Fierce's Food Staff tells the player the day guard, thier only helper, was fired for spilling secret information. They then tell the player there is no danger, and that The Doll doesn't exists, through it is pretty clear it's all lies. However, a paper left by the player's friend hints about Wis and Orlockron's behaviour. Night 9's transmission is once again by Fierce's Food, this time telling they found Crabby in the Junkyard. However, it is strongly implied they used the guard's camera footage, through they deny it.

On Night 8, Crabby and Gilgamesh seem to interact with each other. It starts with them talking about something, then Crabby giving Gilgamesh an object on Night 9. Gilgamesh grabs this object at the end of Night 10 a few seconds before the night ends.

Night 10 has F.F.S. tell you a children was attacked by a black dragon animatronic, which turns out to be called Fierce as evidenced by Animatronic Mode. It then tells you thus you'll have to watch out for dangers. They then politely ask the night die as they saw that the animatronics are infected by the virus. After that, the transmission gets corrupted and a glitched message is told. According to the game's creator, it is possible to decode the later to find an hidden message.

Normal Ending

This is the ending most player will get. It is got if not all memories are found and Night 3 and 4's minigame variations are not completed succesfully. Two pictures are displayed in this ending;

  • The first picture shows a sign. It says "Closed". Gilgamesh can be barely seen, using his axe to slice the sign. This appear to take place at day. One can see a road and grass around it.
  • The second picture depicts a burned building. One can barely see "Fierce's Foods" on the building. This strongly implies the restaurant was torched. Unlike the other picture, it appears to take place at night. If the picture is brightened one can see the grey goblin's left arm holding what appears to be a lighter, implying he is the result of the restaurant's state.

Secret Ending

This ending is got when all memories are found, and when the variations of Night 3 and 4's minigames are completed. According to the creator, this is the official ending. There are three pictures shown here instead of two.

  • The first image shown shows once again the burned Fierce's Food. The only difference is that Gilgamesh is missing.
  • The second image depicts Crabbette on a table alongside the items that activate the secret minigames as well as blueprints. Crabby can be seen looking at the items from a window. When brightened, one can see an unidentified animatronic with two red eyes peeking from behind a door.
  • The final image shows white text saying "The End...". However, that's not all; brightening the picture shows that the ellipsis is underlined as well as the presense of a big question mark under the words.


Story Mode

The game uses two doors instead of the smoke and light system. You have infinite power; however, only 1 door can be closed at once. There is a top door and a bottom door, closing at the top or the bottom of your desc.

Unlike in the first game, you die instantly if jumpscared by an animatronic. It is confirmed that some animatronics will not actually attack you, but will instead hinder you in various ways. The animatronics can actually be seen moving through the rooms instead of beign still. If multiple animatronics are about to attack you, they will only attack you one at a time.

You also have a taser. It is essential to survive most of the animatronics introduced after Night 5; Gilgamesh, Richard, Wis, Orlockron and Fierce.

There are two "devices" that help the player; there are lasers in front of the office that make an alarm when an animatronic is attacking from the hallway, as well as a ventilation system that slows down the animatronic when they approach from the vents. The ventilation system doesn't affects the vent that connects the Arcades to the Hallway, through.


Occasionally, Errors will happen, either stopping something useful to the guard or outright hindering it. For some errors, there can be situations where they happen more often. To reboot them, one must go to the source of the error through cameras and reboot it. Rebooting takes around 2-3 seconds. Errors include:

  • Light Error, an error that outright hinders the player by disabling all lights. This means that until it is rebooted in the Hallway, the player can barely see anything. This error has more chance to happen when Crabby is swinging on the hallway's lamp. This error is often considered to have the highest priority.
  • Laser Error disables the lasers in front of the office. This allows animatronics to sneak in the office without worrying about the alarm. One must reboot this mechanic in the Arcades. Most players consider this error to have the least priority.
  • Ventilation Error disables the ventilation in the vents, allowing "vent animatronics" to attack the player faster. The mechanic is rebooted in either vent.
  • Ultrasound Errors start appearing from Night 6. If it isn't rebooted in the Playroom, then the Doll starts teleporting around rooms.


A bit like errors, you will occasionally have to do "jobs" using mechanisms by going to a room and using the camera there. A button should appear if a job needs to be performed there. Clicking it will perform the job. Some jobs are actually errors, but they are counted as errors as they don't affect the player in any way until the end of the night. Jobs include:

  • Cleaning: Sometime, the cameras will detect that the rooms aren't cleaned well enough. Happens in all room but the Junkyard and both vents.
  • Temperature Bugs: The temperature in some rooms may be too cold or too hot. Happens in the Dining Room, the Kitchen, the Restrooms and the Backroom.
  • Arcade Bugs: The games on the arcades may bug out. Happens in the Arcades.
  • Flood: The toilets may start flooding. Happens in the Restrooms.

You have a "Job Bar" that shows the condition of the pizzeria. If the condition is below 25% at the end of the night, you will get fired, causing a game over and forcing you to restart the night you lost.

Animatronic Mode

A new feature to the series is the Animatronic mode. In it, you play as the animatronics. You walk around using the arrow keys. When you start the mode you must choose one of the animatronics; at first, only Michael and Bodhi are available but as you complete the night more animatronics get available. You can also choose a difficulty setting ranging from "Night 1" to "Night 10". Depending on the difficulty setting, the guard is smarter and tougher to deal with. You can also choose which animatronics move and which ones do not.

To win this mode, you must get to the office and jumpscare the guard before 6 AM. The other animatronics also move and they also attempt to get the guard; on the later "Nights", cooperating with them is essential. While you can move freely in the rooms the character goes, you cannot skip parts of the path; for example, as Michael, you can't skip from the Playroom to the Hallway. You also can't go in rooms the character doesn't goes to; Bodhi can't go to the Dragon Stage, for example. You also can't attack if an animatronic is areadly in the room. The animatronic automatically attacks through the door it goes through; Drake won't attack from the Bottom Door, for example. Crabby and Crabbette cannot be in the Hallway at once because else it would be unfair for the guard.

Multiplayer Modes


This mode is just like Story Mode, except there is two guards. They players must co-operate to defend agaisnt the animatronics. Each night has "servers", and on the Co-Op menu a player can choose thier servers among the main nights they unlocked.

Animatronic Mode

This multiplayer option is exactly like the single-player Animatronic Mode, except all animatronics are moved by players and the Night is choosed just like Co-Op, as in all nights have servers and players can choose the night they play in among the night they unlocked.

Co-Op VS

This mode is an hybrid of the two other modes; there are two guards as well as the animatronic players. The animatronics and guards are chosen randomly, and the players choose the night they're playing among the nights they unlocked.


Character Description Pattern Jumpscare

Oie transparent(39)

Michael the Minion

Michael the Minion is a returning animatronic, and likely the first to attack you in the game. According to the phone calls, he is dynamic but pretty dumb at times. He is along with Bodhi the mascot of Fierce's Foods.

Activates in Night 1.

Starts in the Playroom. It proceeds to move to the Dragon Stage, then to the Restrooms. After that, it goes in Crabbette's Shop and the Hallway before attacking the player from the Top Door.

Jumps at the player from the desc, his arms reaching for his/her neck.


Bodhi the Blob

Bodhi the Blob returns from the first game, but unlike his fellow Michael, he moves pretty slowly in the earlier nights. In the later nights, through, he actually goes faster then Michael. He's calmer and wiser then Michael according to phone calls.

Activates in Night 1.

Starts in the Playroom. After that, it moves to the Hallway, the Theater, the Kitchen and the right vent before attacking through the Bottom Door.

Rolls up the player with it's endoskeleton eyes visible.


Drake the Fire Dragon

Drake is a fierce fire-breathing dragon, if that wasn't obvious. He is the leader of the Dragon Trio. He's also the most aggresive out of them. He is said to be brave, trying to help his friends when they need him.

Activates in Night 2.

Starts in the Dragon Stage. It then moves to the Restroom, and after to Crabbette's Shop. Drake then goes to the Hallway, enters the office and attacks the player from the Top Door.

Leaps at the guard, then bashes it's skull on his suit head.


Drew the Water Dragon

Drew is the only female member of the Dragon Trio. She wants to be the prettiest dragon in the world, suppodly. She moves at an average pace. Drew has a design flaw that makes her wing servos lock up often, so she needs to go to an hidden backstage often.

Activates in Night 2.

Starts in the Dragon Stage. It follows Drake from to the Restroom to the hallway, but then goes in the Theater, the Kitchen and the Right Vent before coming through the Bottom Door.

Slashes the player's head with her claws while trying to climb him/her up.


Drago the Forest Dragon

Drago is suppodly the quickest of the Dragon Trio...that's not exactly true, through. Infact, he's the slowest out of them. He is considered like a fatherly figure to the dragons. He rarely attacks, but often it is by surprise.

Activates in Night 2.

Starts in the Dragon Stage. It then goes to the Playroom, proceeds to go to the Dining Room, then to the Left Vent before attacking from the Bottom Door. On the later nights, he is the one who gives the least time to be stopped before jumpscaring.

Stands upright and digs his claws in the guard's torso.


Crabby the Crab

Crabby is a crab animatronic. He is supposed to be scrapped, but it turns out he managed to survive. He is missing all of his suit and his left pincer. Crabby bypasses the office; he can only be seen on the cameras until his jumpscare.

Activates in Night 3.

Starts in the Junkyard. Proceeds to go to Kitchen and the Arcades before passing through a vent in that room and entering the Theater Stage, and the Hallway. He then enters the office and immediately jumps the player if the Top Door isn't closed. If it is closed, then he waits a certain time before leaving.

Reaches for the player's head with his arm while beign on the desk.


Crabbette the Crab

Like Crabby, Crabbette is a crab animatronic. She is the second female character in Fierce Foods. She sells items and answers the customers's questions. Crabbette is said to always be ready to help her friends.

Activates in Night 3.

Starts in the Crabbette's Shop. It then moves to the Restrooms, goes to the Dragon Stage, moves to the Playroom and then to the Main Hall. If the Bottom Door is not closed in time, it will rush to the office and jumpscare the player.

Climbs the player and reaches for the later's eyes with her pincers.


Gilgamesh the Goblin

Gilgamesh is the hero of the theater show and must defeat Richard. The other theater animatronics, as well as Bodhi and Michael seem to have a grudge agaisn't him for some reason. Outside of the theater he's pretty aggresive in behaviour. He seems to be pretty bugged, occasonally mixing up children for "test robots".

Activates in Night 6.

Starts in the Theater. He then goes to the Hallway. It goes to the Playroom and the Dining Room after that. He then attempts to enter the office through the left vent. If the taser on the desc is not clicked in time, he breaks the office's doors and then stares at the player from the corner of the room.

Gilgamesh does not have a jumpscare, through he can indirectly cause a game over.


The Doll

The Doll is...a Michael doll that appears to be possesed. It usually never moves and is completely lifeless. Unlike the other animatronics, he appears to teleport around rooms, creating static on the cameras. He isn't seen teleporting in the office until the player lifts the camera and lowers it.

Activates in Night 6.

Starts in the Backroom. It then teleports to the Theater, the Hallway, the Young Room and back into the Hallway. He only moves when an Ultrasound Error is happening. He is the only animatronic with a non-lethal jumpscare, instead dropping the "Job Bar" to 0 and causing errors in everything.

The plush detaches itself from the controller and strings then homes in the guard's face.

Note that this jumpscare does not kill the player.


Richard the Rocket Demon

Richard is the main villain of the theater show, through he isn't really mean...until night time at least. He's one of the few animatronics in the game to have a visible jaw. He can jam the laser and ventilation to make them unfixable when he enters the office the first time. The second time, however, he gives no chances.

Activates in Night 7.

Starts in the Theater. Moves to the Hallway, then the Playroom. He then pays a visit to the Dragon Stage and enters the Restroom. He proceeds to go in Crabbette's Shop, goes back in the hallway then attacks the player. When he's in the office the guard must press the taser or he will jam the laster and ventilation the first time he comes in the office. The second time, he outright jumpscares the player.

Richard opens his mouth at the highest while screaming at the player's face.


Wis the Willow

Wis is a secondary villain in the theater show who attempts to trick Gilgamesh by switching the tree's places around. Gilgamesh is able to pass through "The Forest" anyways, however. His design is pretty odd; he's an...informatic tree materialized by a computer? He is the fastest theater animatronic.

Activates in Night 8.

Wis starts in the Backstage. He moves to the Theater, then to the Main Hall. After this, he enters Crabbette's Shop, followed by the Restrooms and the Dragon Stage. It then moves to the Playroom and the Dining Room. He enters the office from the Left Vent. He needs to be tased or it causes cameras to be randomly choosed as well as making it so errors display as beign fixed and vice versa for the hour it entered the office. This means that trying to "fix" a mechanic actually errors it.

Wis's pattern does not involve a jumpscare.


Orlockron the Rune Guardian

Orlockron is some kind of anti-hero in the show. He guards the "Oilbound Ruins" and asks questions to the "heroic" Gilgamesh. While it's head appears to be on a stand, it's true head is actually in it's base. He stops you from doing any jobs or fixing errors when he's in the office.

Activates in Night 8.

Orlockron starts in the Backstage, then enters the Theater, the Kitchen and the Right Vent before entering the office. If not stopped with the taser, it emits a loud, low-pitched garbled noise as it stops errors to be fixed and jobs from beign done for two hours, the time it's in the office.

Orlockron does not use a jumpscare, through he makes a potentially scary noise when in the office.


Fierce the Prototype Dragon

Fierce was supposed to be the first animatronic to be used in Fierce's Food. He was however and thanksfully scrapped for beign too scary. He has a visible jaw which shows a lot of teeth. He hid himself behind the arcades during the series's events. Fierce actually appeared in the original game, but his name was unknown and he was considered an hallucination.

Activates in Night 10.

Fierce starts in the Playroom. It then enters the Kitchen, goes to the Theater and the Hallway before entering the office and jumpscaring the player if the taser is not used, beign the second fastest to attack when in the office.

Chomps at the player's head. If the top door is broken, he breaks it with it's jaw.

Black Animatronics

These animatronics are considered hallucinations. They are all black hallucinations that look more primitive then the other animatronics. They're seen walking in the office and then, just like the Phantom animatronics from the first game, they cause an effect that usually hinders the player in some way. They are rare but a player will usually encounter at least one of them during thier playthroughs.

Character Description Effect


Black Bodhi

A black version of Five Nights at Fierce's Bodhi, but with it's suit put more loosely and wearing a top hat. He rolls through the office from the left. Makes three random cameras Dirty, meaning one has to clean them. Stopped with the taser. Appears as early as Night 1.


Black Michael

A shadow version of Michael. He appears to only have a head and a torso suit. The minion holds a microphone and walks through the ofice from the right in a similar way to Phantom Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's 3. Causes either Ventilation, Lasers or Light to get an error. Can be stopped with the taser. Can be seen at Night 1 and over.


Black Gilgamesh

A dark endoskeleton with similar traits to Gilgamesh such as it's size and having ears. Looks similar to the main character from the Memories. Walks through the office from the right, holding an axe. Only appears in Night 10. Brings the player back to the main menu if the taser is not pressed. Only appear if looking in the office for too long.


Black Richard

A big humanoid endoskeleton with a jaw, just like Richard. Walks through the office from the left, it's jaw hanging open. Colored black. Appears starting from Night 7. Causes both ventilation and lasers to get an error. Like the other hallucinations, the taser makes it disappear.


Black Wis

A cycloptic, dark robot with three legs and three arms on it's head just like Wis the Willow. Appears in the office out of nowhere. Can be seen starting from Night 8. Vanishes if the taser is pressed, causing the doors to not be closable for 10 seconds.


Black Orlockron

A small robot around the size of Bodhi with wheels. According to the game's maker, it is supposed to represent Orlockron the Rune Guardian. Rolls in the office from the right, then causes a loud noise stopping you from hearing things happen. He can be seen starting from Night 8.


Black Fierce

A black, huge dragon animatronic very similar to Fierce but in a much better state. He appears to have a fabric suit unlike all of the other animatronics, including Fierce himself. Oddly has no teeth or claws. Walks in the office from the left. He then does Fierce's normal jumpscare, but then just like the phantoms he only causes the player to breath deeply. Appears in Night 10 only.


Black Doll

A black version of The Doll's Michael suit. It does not appears to have a controller or strings. It is in a slumped position. One can see a black liquid leaking from it from below when it's in the office. Fades away, then causes Ultrasound to get an error. Can very rarely appear before Night 6, but doesn't causes anything. Starts doing it's effects and appearing more frequently by Night 6.



Most of the pizzeria's walls are yellow and pretty flat. The ceiling seems to be made of the same material, but is grey instead. The floor is made of grey-ish wood planks. The lights are stuck to the ceiling and emit white lights, except for one which is hanging out. Click on the pictures for the full size. Camera angles are not final and the rooms are subject to minor from major changes.

Picture Name Description


The Office This is where the guard stays, who is practically stuck between two walls for "safety". Right in front of the player is a desc with various sheets, plushies and other items. On the walls of the office is a button allowing you to switch the place of a door that is below or above the desc. All animatronics pass through here, trying to hinder you somehow.


Dragon Stage


Drake, Drago and Drew start here. Unlike in the original game, the seats and the stage itself are the same rooms on the camera. The room is filled with rows of seat. At the back, there is a wood stage with the dragons on it. Connects to the Playroom and the Restrooms.

RobloxScreenShot05072015 073444-686



A room with four toilets with doors. Nothing else is shown in the room. Connects with the Dragon Stage and Crabbette's Shop.


Crabbette's Shop


Crabbette starts here. It is a small room with a counter and shelves containing plushes and figurines of the robots. Connects to the Restroom and to the Hallway.




Despite the name, it is actually Young's Room from the first game. Michael and Bodhi start here. The room has a purple carpet as a floor and has some pillows scattered around it. Connects to the Dragon Stage, the Dining Room and the Hallway.


Dining Room


There are no animatronics starting out here. The room contains the restaurant's entrance, as well as a counter (presumately for taking order) and tables. Connects to the Playroom and the Left Vent.



No animatronics start here. Connects to the Right Vent, the Theater, the Arcades and the Junkyard. The room has a table in the middle of the room as well as fridges, ovens and a microwave.



Gilgamesh and Richard start here. There are multiple chairs in front of a green wood stage. Before Night 6, the orange curtain is closed hiding the rest of the room. Starting from Night 6, the curtains open revealing wooden trees as well as the two animatronics that start here.



This room is the most visited room in Fierce's Food. Connects to the Office, the Playroom and the Theater. The room has a red carpet in it. On the right side is a broom and a bucket. One of the lights on the ceiling hangs out of the later.



A small room located near the Theater. Wis, The Doll and Orlockron start here. The room is "Audio Only" until Night 6, where you can see the room's insides; a small room with shelves as well as spare parts spilled everywhere.



Fierce starts here. It is a room with many arcades on it's sides. Behind the arcades on the north of the room is a vent leading to an hallway near CAM09.



Crabby starts here. It is the only room taking place in an exterior place. Darkness prevents the player from seeing more then the room itself. Connects to the Kitchen.

Left Vent


A vent connecting the Office to the Dining Room. Nothing of note is seen other then the vent itself.

Right Vent


A vent connecting the Office to the Kitchen. Only the vent itself is shown.


The Nights are a key point of the game. They are where the game's main events take place. They last from 12 PM to 6 AM. Like in the first game, each Night has someone tell you information about the restaurant through phone calls.

Night 1

Upon completion of this night, Animatronic Mode can be chosen in the main menu.

Phone Call

Hello there. I'm guessing you're the night shift guard. I'm the day guard, and as you can see...Your office can make you pretty claustrophobic. They wanted you to be as safe as possible, so you conveniently have doors! That's probably the nicest thing they did to us guards! However, the top door limits your visibility while the bottom door stops you from using the mechanics they gave to us.

Turns out those animatronics are a bit...agressive when they're alone. When no one watches them, they start twitching, almost turning crazy. Turns out they have a virus which can spread to any machines they touch. You may think you're safe...except they consider you a machine too, and will likely punch, slice and kick you to death trying to spread it. The worst thing is that the staff is aware of the attacks the animatronics do.

The staff recently finished retrofitting the two main mascots with new, much nicer suits. Michael, the grey humanoid, is the most active out of the two. He'll attack you from the top of your desc and it doesn't takes long to him before choosing to "infect" you. Be sure to keep an eye on him. Bodhi, the adorable white blob with the fedora, is slower, but be sure to check him occasionally. There's no way he can attack you from the top door, so if you see him block the bottom one.

I'm starting to get bored, I'll see you tommorow if you survive...Yeah.

Note: The animatronics are timed so they attack when the transmission starts talking about them.


This is an extremely easy night. The animatronics usually only attack two times through the night. Just close the doors when they arrive. Errors happen very rarely, and an experienced player might only need to reboot Light Errors. Jobs will happen at an average rate, but you can easily fix them considering how rarely the animatronics attack you.

Night 2

Upon completion of this night, Drake, Drew and Drago become availlable for play in the Animatronic Mode.

Phone Call

Wow, I didn't actually espect you to survive...Oh wait, I said nothing! Today they choose to activate the Dragon trio. They always activate the animatronics in the same order; the main characters first, then the dragons and then the Help Crab. I'll tell you more about the later next night. Anyways, about the Dragon Trio.

The red one is Drake and he's the main robot in the trio. He is the most aggresive one in the trio. His wings are the tallest; in fact, they block him from passing below the desc, so he attacks from the top one instead.

The blue dragon with the cute butterfly wings and the eyelashes is Drew. She's an average danger; not fast but not slow either. Unlike Drake, she can pass below the desc. Blocking the bottom door is recommanded.

Finally, you have Drago the forest dragon. Don't be foolen by him coming out of the dragon stage running; after that, he's low on energy and is forced to move around slower. Like Drew, he attacks from under the desc.

That's all you need to learn for this night. About why I know all this stuff, I was areadly the general guard while the management repaired the pizzeria. I'm really tired...see you tommorow.


This night is also easy, althrough you will be attacked much more often. Drake and Michael in particular attack practically every half hour. Bodhi is also faster then in the first night. Drago will often attack you by surprise.

An easy way to survive the night is to simply block the top door until an animatronic attacks from the bottom; in that case, block the bottom door. Once that animatronic is gone, block the top door and repeat.

Errors are now a bit more dangerous. In case of multiple errors, reboot Light first, then reboot Ventilation and finally reboot Laser. If animatronics are about to attack you and errors happen, wait until they're gone unless it's a Light error, in that case reboot it quickly.

For jobs, a good strategy is to keep the job bar at around 50%. Aiming for 100% can get you unexpectly attacked by an animatronic.

Night 3

Upon completion of this night, Crabby and Crabbette can be played in Animatronic Mode.

Phone Call

Well hi there, night shift. As I said on last night, I'm going to tell you about the help crab.

Her name is Crabbette. She's the main reason you need to check the cameras; you will never see her outside them until it's too late. She was originally going to serve food, but they opted to make her a robot answering questions and selling items instead. She still retained an ability to go through a room to another very quickly. So when Crabbette chooses to attack you, she'll rush to your office quicker then you can spot her...without the cameras. She can't jump as high as she can run, so block the bottom door in that case.

Hey, you know...Crabbette was originally another character, Crabby. He was red and he practically had the same role. However, they scrapped him for a number of reason, including beign more popular then the main mascots and pure laziness. Sadly, there's no way he's back; the scraps from the time he was scrapped was took away a long time away, and I really doubt even if he did survive it'd find the way back to here...

Nothing else much for tonight. Remember to watch Crabbette and you should be completely fine.


This night can really surprise new users. Crabbette is a main threat that stops you from using the previous night's strategy. However, unlike what the phone call implies, Crabbette is not the only new robot in this night; Crabby's back as well. He acts just like Crabbette, except instead of attacking from the bottom door he attacks from the top one. The best way to survive this night is to often check the Hallway through cameras, and if one of the two crab's there then block it's respective door. The crabs will never attack at once; if one is areadly in the hallway and another reaches it, it will wait for it's turn. Use Night 2's strategy for errors.

It is now even more important to not get the job bar at 100%. Crabby and Crabbette can very easily kill you by surprise when doing jobs; in fact, this seems to be the cause of about half of thier kills combined with rebooting errors.

Night 4

Phone Call

Oh hey! So who's the new animatronic today? Well, cheer up, because there's no newbies! But don't party just yet. The dragons were given new technology...including making them faster. So watch out. Also, when I took a peek, I saw no trace of Crabby...don't lie about these kinds of thing, you could be fired! It's not like they'd bring him back anyways...

I used to be one of the cookers back in the original restaurant. The cleaner visited like once every month, so the place looked like the land of snot. Now we have like five cleaners, and the contrast is like comparing a piece of dirt to gold. Another thing is that the place was so big practically everyone complained. Now, people complaint about the place beign too cramped...

Before I go, I have to tell you something; people have noticed Bodhi goes faster everyday. By now he's probably as fast as Michael. So he should be watched more often. Gotta go, see you tommorow.


As the phone call says, the dragons are now faster. This means they are more major threats, especially Drake which is made the fastest animatronic. Bodhi is also now more of a priority. The strategy from the previous night still works, through you will need to be faster closing doors.

Errors start happening more often on this night. Keep the same strategy as last night. Like every other nights, keep the job bar at 50%.

Night 5

This night is the last Night in the demo.

Phone Call

Hello there. You're almost done with this week! The animatronics aren't as happy through...Infact they seem to be extra mad! They try attacking people much more often. Thanksfully, the engineers just finished making a new mechanism that creates ultrasounds, however, it's quite buggy and needs to be rebooted often. They allowed me to use it for now and during the weekend they'll install it for you. Also, I think I spot Crabby for a few seconds while watching the junkyard. Probably just me through.

The new technologies have now been given to Michael, Bodhi and Crabbette and an unneccessary copy was put in the junkyard, so if Crabby really did survive then he probably goes faster too. I think the dragons might also go, like, a very small bit faster.

You know, these animatronics are jewels of technologies. They even managed to remember some people from like, 2 years? But then some guy chooses to make a virus for the thrill of it and gives it to animatronics loved by kids. Just imagine if they weren't infected; people would smarm the pizzeria and we'd get more cash for practically free...I need to go anyways. I hope you survive the fast animatronics.

When the night is about to end, another transmission is sent;

I got up early...seems like you've survived! Congrats on passing...your first week. They're activating some "new" animatronics next week, so watch out...However, the older animatronics will go slower; the staff noticed they sing songs, talk, walk and answer things too fast, so they will tone down thier newly-found speed. Don't espect them to be any more forgiving, through.


This night is not a pushover. All animatronics now go faster; this include the crabs, so one has to check the cameras much more often while often checking the office. In the later hours, animatronics pop up practically every time you put down the cameras. Good reflexes are needed to survive this night. For errors, use the same strategy as the other nights but try delaying the rebooting as long as possible.

Night 6

Upon completion of this night, The Doll and Gilgamesh become playable in animatronic mode.

Phone Call

Hey, seems like you didn't forget the shift, good job. As I said several animatronics are going to activate this week. So far there's only one...well maybe two, I'm not too sure. The bad thing is that I never meet them. That means I have few ideas of how they act exactly.

The animatronic that activated today is known as Gilgamesh. He's the grey goblin. I don't know much about him. He seems moderately active, like about as much as Drew. The management told me some information about him through; apparently he broke the office door in the weekend. They repaired it, thanksfully, but I don't see why it wouldn't repeat this with you. Yeah, that axe can hurt a lot and can break things. Doesn't help that Gilgamesh is easily the most aggresive animatronic in behaviour. He also has twisted perceptions...But I'll save that story for later. Let's just say the original Fierce location was shut down the first day it was active for a reason. Apparently he likes to do cruel things as well. Let's just say he doesn't deserves the position of an hero at all. Bodhi, Michael and the other animatronics have an huge grudge on him.

Oh yeah, you should have noticed you have an "Ultrasound" device that can error now. REBOOT IT. Some ridiculously creepy doll...THING moves when it isn't on. Seriously there's something WRONG with it. It's ripped up everywhere, but it's not an endoskeleton you see. There might be a SKELETON in that doll. Surprised it hasn't decayed too much yet through, in that case, considering it's like 30 years old. It's impossible to shut down. Heck, guess what? It has been seen TELEPORTING! That's right, one of the things you have to watch is a creepy withered doll with a skeleton in it that can teleport. I need to go. Seriously I can't even handle the through of the doll. It's that terrifying.


This Night introduces two animatronics, both of which are very dangerous. While they can't directly kill the player, they can easily indirectly do that. The animatronics are stopped with the taser; this means doors won't stop them. Infact, Gilgamesh breaks your door if you don't use the taser before lifting the camera and lowering it. Gilgamesh occasionally forgives the door if it blocks the bottom of the desk. It is preferable to use the taser through. The Doll, on the other hand, is stopped by rebooting an "Ultrasound" system. If it attack it is extremely hard to stabilise the situation so it is best to reboot it as soon as you can unless an animatronic is very close to or in the office. The older animatronics are about as hard as they are on Night 3, but be sure to be prepared in case of an attack.

Night 7

Upon completion of this night, Richard can be played in Animatronic Mode.

Phone Call

Hello there. They activated another animatronic today, the red rocket demon guy, he's named Richard and is the main villain of the theater show. You should worry about something seems to infect nearby devices with the virus causing them to bug out. They actually found a cure to the virus, but only for small machines so it won't work on the animatronics. I don't really know more about the guy, however he apparently goes aggresive if he's bored. According to staff it also hates doing repetitive things.' Oh yeah by the way they're making the non-theater animatronics faster now. Watch out for them.

Oh yeah, last night I told you about the grey goblin having twisted perceptions...actually, he's the very first animatronic made by the Fierce Foods staff according to them. I'm a bit sceptic but hey. His mind was ridiculously glitched through. He actually confused children for "test robots". Believing a suit robots were supposed to wear worked, Gilgamesh, err, oh no...

Signal cut by Fierce Food Staff.


This night makes the Night 1-5 animatronics around as aggressive as they are on Night 4. This makes them bigger threats. Richard, the new animatronic, is also a threat. If he stays in the office for too long, he jams the laser and ventilation so they're unfixable. He's stopped with the taser like Gilgamesh. However, unlike Gilgamesh he leaves the office, but the laser and ventilation should still be jammed. When he comes back and if he is not stopped, he actually kills the player. While Richard can give you a second chance, it is still heavily recommanded to treat him like if he was going to kill you as there's no way to know if an animatronic enters the office. It is extremely hard to reboot Light and Ultrasounds as well as doing Jobs while constantly checking if an animatronic's in the office.

Night 8

After winning this night, one can play as Wis and Orlockron in Animatronic Mode.

When Gilgamesh starts moving, he rushes to Crabby and seems to tell something to him. Gilgamesh then returns to the Theater and does his normal path.

Phone Call

Hello. This is Fierce Food Staff. The day guard got fired for spilling secret information.

Our day guard said many lies to creep you out. The animatronics will never attack you and they're not affected by any kind of virus. If they come in the office they just want to hug and play with you! How adorable! Also we don't have a doll robot possesed by a ghost. If you see it it's all in your mind. This is just clearing things up.

After the transmission, the night guard opens a paper on the desc. The paper can be read at any times and tells:

Wis attacked the camera during the weekend. He will likely repeat that at night. Orlockron, meanwhile, stands on the wires that connect to the job things.

-The Now-Fired Day Guard


Wis and Orlockron activate on this night. They are both pretty big threats. Wis makes the cameras choosen randomly upon clicking on the camera buttons and causes errors to be seen as working mechanics and vice versa, which means "fixing" a working mechanics makes them bugged. Orlockron, meanwhile, stops you from doing any jobs for two hours. This can guarantee a game over if it happens in early 4 AM.

Night 9

When Crabby moves in the Kitchen, instead of entering the Playroom, he goes to the Theater, then to the Backstage, grabs a metallic object and gives it to Gilgamesh who puts it in a corner of the theater. He then goes back to the Kitchen and does his normal path for the rest of the night.

Phone Call

Hello again. This is Fierce Food Staff.

Turns out our animatronics are very persistent. You won't believe this; we found Crabby in the junkyard! It's a surprise considering you totally did not capture it on camera! It's a good thing we kept spares in the backroom. Also we can't find a day guard, so if you know anyone who'd like to take the job tell him. That's all we need to tell you tonight.


This night is very similar to Night 8. The theater animatronics are more aggresive on this night. Crabby and Crabbette also go slightly faster. Bodhi, however, is now only slightly slower then Drake, overthrowing Michael. However, Michael gives much less reaction time now. A good strategy to win this night is to check the Hallway and both vents. If nothing's in them, reboot any error. Keep jobs around 50% as always.

Night 10

This is the final night before the ending and the last canon one. All animatronics can be played in animatronic mode after this night. At the end of the night, all animatronics stop moving except Michael who attempts to attack one last time, and Gilgamesh who goes in the Theater and grabs the metallic object.

Phone Call

Fierce Food Staff here, be very very warned. Apparently a black dragon animatronic attacked a child today in the arcades. We had to fill a lawsuit. So now something might actually attack you. Also, you've saw our...secret by now. So please die. Thanks.

  • Static noises play. During the static, one can hear:*

Olleh, I ma Hsemaglig. I ma a tcefrep ngieb dna I yllaer evresed ot eb eht tocsam. Neht I dnif tuo I'm gnihton tub a depparcs epytotorp. I saw dlot I dluow eb eht tocsam kcab ni eht tsrif ecalp! I neht tog emos bmud ho-os-ecin nilbog ni a retaeht wohs. I'm gninrub eht ecalp nwod dna gnihtyreve htiw ti, tpecxe em eht noitcefrep.


Fierce, a very aggresive animatronic, starts on this night. All animatronics are also faster, especially Bodhi who is actually faster then Drake now. Drake, Bodhi and Fierce are the main threats on this night, followed by the Doll, Michael and the Crabbies. Use the previous night's strategy to win this night.

Custom Night

Unlike the first game, there is a custom night scripted in the game. Each animatronic, including the black versions, has an level that can be changed from 1 to 30. For most animatronics, the level affects the speed at which the animatronics walk. It also affects the time Crabby stays in the office before leaving; 3 seconds when between 1-10, 5 seconds when between 11-20, 7 seconds when he is at 21-29 and finally 9 second when at the maximum level.

The Doll does not work like the animatronics, so his level determinates the chance of the Ultrasound Error bugging each 15 seconds. The black animatronic have one shared meter and it determinates the chance of one of them appearing each 10 seconds.

It is unknown how the guard manipulates the Black animatronics's appearances or why Crabby, The Doll and Fierce are on the custom night menu as the first ones are hallucinations, Crabby and Fierce are supposed to be scrapped and it wouldn't make sense for the guard to make the ultrasound errors happen more often. It is probably simply because of the gameplay's sake.

This night is not canon according to the creator, except when put in maximum mode, in which it is a nightmare the player character keeps getting.

Phone Call

Unlike most other phone calls, this phone call plays when first entering the Custom Night menu. After that, it can be played as much as the player wants by pressing the Phone Call button.

Hi! We've just installed a new console that you can use to set the animatronic's speed at night! Make sure to put it at an average speed or else the animatronic's servos could lock up, and that would be very bad!


There isn't any specific strategies for the nights. It is reccomanded to know what each animatronics do well and use the usual strategies for errors and jobs.

It is currently unknown whether it is possible to complete the night when all animatronics are put on thier maximum.

Theme Nights

Unlike the first game, some of the bonus nights have phone calls. They're all unlocked after completing the main nights. According to the creator they are not canon to the game's story.

Bodhi's Night Craze

Death Minigame 2 has an higher chance of happening on this night.

Phone Call

Hello. This message is given by Fierce Food's Staff.

We had a Bodhi-themed event today. The customers gave him questions and if they weren't too personal, he'd answer. Orlockron also made his first appearance that wasn't in the Theater today, meeting Bodhi. Michael was also in the event through he wasn't a major role. Crabbette was of course active as well. The Dragon Stage was closed for the day but we reopened it near the end of the day.

This is today's summary. Hope everything goes well! Also, our channel was totally hacked, like someone made us say a death threat. That totally wasn't us through, we really don't want you dead of course our very super important night guard!


This night is actually pretty easy. While Bodhi is extremely aggresive, closing the bottom door will make him and Crabbette obsolete. Michael is only as aggresive as Night 1 and he gives up very quickly. Close the top door when he appears and then quickly close the bottom door when he leaves. Orlockron attacks too and is pretty aggresive, so it's best to keep track of his position. When Michael and Orlockron are far from the office reboot errors and do jobs.

Michael's Night Party

Phone Call

Hello. This is an automated Fierce's Food Staff message.

Michael organisated a great party today! It was fun and exciting. Too bad, you're the night guard. Bodhi also entered the party. Crabbette was doing her job as usual. The Doll was teleporting around too...Hahah, you're not believing that are you? There's nothing named The Doll in this restaurant. No, you're hallucinating the Doll's option.

Yeah, we want to do loads of events. We still have a lot planned, like one for the dragons, a Crabbette event, a big theater show and so on.


This night is harder then Bodhi's Night Craze, so watch out. Close the bottom door while checking the hallway. If Michael is in the hallway, quickly close the top door. Otherwise, close the bottom door. Reboot errors unless Michael is in the Hallway. If he is, close the Top Door before rebooting them. Look closely if it's a Light Error. Close the bottom door if Crabbette is in the Hallway.


Most nights have hidden minigames. Most of them don't seem to have an actual point in the plot and seem to only be easter eggs. Most minigames are in a retro, NES-like style.

Bodhi's Ball Craze (Night 1)

An hidden minigame found in Night 1 by pressing a crane that can be seen at the very end of the Left Vent. This minigame is identical to the minigame of the same name in Five Nights at Fierce's, except Bodhi's sprite has been updated to look like the Several Nights at Fierce's 2 appearance.

In this minigame, Bodhi is in the corner controlling a crane. Using the arrow keys, the player can move the crane left, right, up and down in order to catch white balls and put them in a tube at the right of the screen. However, there are also black, bomb-like balls that must not be catched. Once a black ball is catched, the minigame ends and shows a leaderboard showing the top scores of the players. After a few seconds, the game resumes to Night 1.

The Dragons (Night 2)

This minigame is activated by clicking a pile made of a Drake plushie, a blue poped balloon and a green cake in the Dining Area, a reference to the way to activate the three dragon's minigames in the original game. The minigame is a combinaison of the three minigames staring the Dragons in the first game. There are a few slight differences in them, but they're mainly asthetic to update the animatronics to thier current looks.

For most of the minigame, the player is trapped in a square room with yellow walls. You can see seats in the foreground and the background, as well as a door leading to the Restrooms. The stage the dragons are on is also visible, with the dragons on it.

The first of theses starts Drake. He must breath "fire" on three kids to impress them. It is implied the "fire" is actually confetti, through. After breathing confetti on all three kids, the game makes it so Drew is controlled instead. Five blue balloons are also dropped from the ceiling. Drew can jump high to pop the balloons. After poping all three balloons, Drago becomes the player character. The three animatronics go back on the stage and a door opens in the right wall, revealing a flag. The animatronics race to the flag, but Drago is by far the fastest of them. The game ends when either Drago or one of the other animatronics touch the flag.

Crabbette's Q/A (Night 3)

This minigame is activated by pressing a Crabbette plushie in the office, a reference to the way to activate "Crabby Minigame 1" in the first game. Crabbette is the playable character here. She is in Crabbette's Shop.

Crabbette cannot move, but instead she must choose an answer to three question. A set choice of answers is shown and Crabbette must click the right one. The questions are in a random order, but it is always the same three one. Here are the questions with thier possible answers (The one in bold is the right one):

  • "Where is the Dragon Stage?"
    • Answer 1: Go to the main hall, enter the Playroom and go in the room at the north of it.
    • Answer 2: Go to the main hall, enter the Playroom, go to the Dining Room and enter the door in it.
    • Answer 3: Go to the Main Hall and enter the room east of it.
  • "What is the name of the animatronics in the room with the purple carpet?"
    • Answer 1: Crabby and Crabbette.
    • Answer 2: Drake, Drago and Drew.
    • Answer 3: Bodhi and Michael.
  • "How does Drake breath fire?"
    • Answer 1: He has a flamethrower inside of him.
    • Answer 2: He has a tank with fire-colored confetti inside of him.
    • Answer 3: He has a tank containing fire-colored smoke inside of him.


There is a extremely rare chance that another version of the minigame plays once activated. Crabbette can now move. Crabbette must run through a bunch of rooms until she touches a door. Once touched, the minigame ends. What seems to be a corrupted Drake spreads across the pizzeria, ending the minigame if touched.

If the "Door Ending" is completed, a bar appears after "Several Nights at Fierce's 2" on the main menu.

"Crabby Minigame" (Night 4)

This minigame stars Crabby in a glitchy mess of various objects from other minigame loosely shaped in the form of urban objects like houses. This is the first minigame to give plot-related details. It is activated by pressing a poster of Crabby replacing one of Crabbette in her own room.

Crabby must jump on these houses and don't fall between them. If he does, the minigame ends with static. The houses become taller and the gaps between them, bigger until Crabby is forced to fall in a gap between them, in which he will then fall on what seems to be a pile of something in an enclosed area. For a few seconds, the view becomes better, revealing he is in the Junkyard, before the minigame ends.


Very rarely, another version of the minigame will play. It is basically a reverse version of the minigame; Crabby starts in the Junkyard and must get to his starting spot in the normal version. A bunch of piles of corrupted Drake graphics are shown around the Junkyard. Upon finishing this version, a bar (another if the variation in Crabbette's Q/A is completed too) will appear after the game's name on the title screen.

Michael's Pinball Madness (Night 5)

This minigame goes back to the easter egg ones. It is a pinball machine in which the player's ball is a capsule containing a 8-bit Michael, activated by pressing a grey pillow in the Playroom.

The layout of the pinball machine itself is nothing but a small rectangle, flippers, a hole in the bottom and a tube. The player starts at a "door" in that tube, but is soon ejected. The player must then use the flippers to get as much points as possible by hitting Bodhi, Drake, Drew, Drago and Crabbette, which are moving around in set patterns;

  • Bodhi moves in a circle around the rectangle.
  • Drake moves back and forth horizontally.
  • Drew and Drago move back and forth vertically, Drew beign at the right of the machine and Drago at the left.
  • Finally, Crabbette is bouncing around diagonally.

Crabby also appears, pinching the player if they enter the tube again so they're ejected again.

Memories (Night 6-10)

Instead of minigames, Night 6 to 10 shows "memories" of an animatronic that seems to be Gilgamesh. They are unlocked in similar ways and are in a retro style, through it appears to be on a Gameboy instead of a NES.

Night 6 Memory

This minigame is unlocked by pressing on a withered Bodhi plush in the junkyard.

The memory starts with an endoskeleton animatronic entering a room with Bodhi and Michael performing. Celebrating children are in front of thier stage.

Hey, who are these? They seem to be performing. Guess it's a test, as evidenced with those test robots. I guess they'l perform with me, the perfect mascot.

The endoskeleton looks at the room, then says:

I guess that test suit has been fixed. Hey you, come with me!

A child follows the endoskeleton out of the stage.

Night 7 Memory

This memory starts by pressing a doll plush in Crabbette's Shop.

It shows the endoskeleton sitting in the middle of the hallway.

Seems like the suit hasn't been fixed after all. I don't get why that robot's screaming so much, through.

A man comes in, look in a room, then grabs an axe and chases after the main character. It runs away until it breaks through a windows.

The staff is like really angry about me! They were speaking stuff about closing down robots and something, err, I'm not sure what it was but it started with "k" about children. Speaking of which, what are children?

Night 8 Memory

This memory starts by pressing a yellow sheet in the office.

The narrator is now outside the building. He hops in the building and returns to the hallway.

I guess I'll give another chance to that robot if it's so important...

Endoskeleton then finds some wood plants and some strings. It puts them together until it gets the doll's controller. He then goes in a room where one can see The Doll. It attaches what it made to the Michael suit, creating it. It then finds a paper it reads.


The main robot starts shaking, and his eyes turn very angry.


Night 9 Memory

The Night 9 memory is accesed by clicking on a flashing arcade in the arcades.

The robot from before is seen on a computer, writing things. He occasionally touches itself with an rectangular object, apparently testing a "program". Eventually, he becomes very aggresive. He then snaps out of it.

Okay, it works.

The narrator grabs the axe the man was using to chase him.

This could come in handy...

Night 10 Memory

The last memory is seen by pressing a flashing version of Gilgamesh's axe in the Kitchen.

The robot walks through the hallway. Four other robots can be seen; three of the "prototypes" from the first game (the other beign the narrator), as well as Fierce.

Who to put it on?...WheelProto is small; however, it's not good-looking...VirusProto, he's fast but he looks like a stupid alien. GiantProto is too tall...Oh right, Fierce. He's imposing, but not too tall. He'll be good.

The robot then puts the rectangular object on Fierce. The dragon freaks out and becomes aggresive.

Death Minigame 1

This minigame has a rare chance of happening upon dying. It appears to take place in the first game's setting. You play as a guard, likely the night guard from the first game. This minigame has two endings. Unlike the other minigame it has an Atari style similar to the original Five Nights at Freddy's.

You move around the pizzeria. You are told to exit the building. One can look around the pizzeria and find out the robots are deactivated as shown by thier poses. Crabby appears to be still active but he doesn't seems to notice the player. The place appears to be almost abandoned as no one else then you can be seen in the building despite the windows indicating it is daytime.

The most common ending is got by entering the higher Exit Hallway, where the building's exit is located. Upon entering this room a grey figure with red eyes will chase you until it touches you, ending the minigame with static. Upon close inspection this figure appears to hold an axe similar to Gilgamesh.

The other ending, which could be considered the "Good Ending", can be accessed by not following the instructions. After around 5 minutes the windows will turn black and the controlled guard will go back to the office. This implies the guard is the night guard the player plays as.

Death Minigame 2

Like Death Minigame 1, one accesses this minigame by dying and then randomly getting it. It appears to take place in the same setting and around the same time. There are quite a few differences, through, the main difference beign that the player plays as Bodhi. The animatronics are also active. Bodhi appears to be his appearance from the second game, oddly enough. Various parts are spilled about Michael and the other dragons, implying this takes place at the time the animatronic's suits were replaced.

Bodhi can move around in all rooms in the pizzeria. There is no guard in the office oddly enough. The minigame takes place at day, as implyed by the windows. He cannot exit the building and can travel through vents. Upon entering the Repairs, the minigame changes a bit.

Staff members are talking about scrapping Crabby when Bodhi enters the room. They notice him entering and tells him "Leave The Room" . If Bodhi gets closer, they tell him "Leave or we will scrap Crabby". When the player is next to the table in the Repairs, they say "Crabby will be Scrapped". When the animatronic attempts to leave the room, they say "No. You will watch Crabby get scrapped", then the minigame ends.

If the player listens to the staff, Bodhi will leave the room. However, the minigame will not end until the player gets to the table and attemps to exit.


The game occasionally gets updates; even the demo occasionally got some. Here is a list of the updates:

Demo Updates

Version 1.0

  • Release of the demo. Includes seven animatronics, five nights and most rooms except for one, which is currently "Audio Only".

Version 1.1

  • Adds a taser to the office. Currently, it only makes Bodhi and Michael flinch when used, but it is said to become an important gameplay element in Night 6-10. The minigame "Bodhi's Ball Craze" can now be activated. Two other minigames can also be activated, but they only show the name of that minigame and "Coming Soon" before returning back to the Night.

Version 1.2

  • Adds the minigames that weren't added yet, including one for Night 4 and Night 5.

Version 1.3

  • Adds an animatronic mode, which lets you play as the animatronics.

Version 1.4

  • Adds a bunch of multiplayer modes. Also adds rare variations of the Night 3 and Night 4 minigames.

Version 1.5

  • Adds lasers in front of the office that warn players and a ventilation system in the vent that slows down animatronics in vents.  Also adds errors which need to be rebooted in various cameras; Lights, Ventilation and Lasers. It's confirmed there will be a fourth one in the full game. Adds "Jobs", in which you press a button on a camera to do one, as well as a "Job Bar". If the Job Bar is too low upon completion of the night, you lose anyways. Finally, adds a Crabby easter egg in Michael's Pinball Madness.

Game Updates

Version 1.0

  • Full release. 6 animatronics are added, the five other nights are playable and the Backstage becomes visible.

Version 1.1

  • Adds two new minigames that are randomly triggered upon dying.


If you have a theory about the animatronics, the game's plot or any other things, feel free to put them here. However, joke theories will be erased.


Occasionally, hallucinations will happen on cameras or in the office. Most of them don't affect the gameplay. They are classed in "levels", depending on how important the hallucination is, the least important beign E and the most beign A.

Level E Hallucinations

These hallucinations are very unnoticeable and easy to miss.

  • Occasionally, a bagel will appear on the office. This is probably a reference to the cupcake in the original Five Nights at Freddy's 3, in which an animatronic-like cupcake occasionally appears in the office.
  • The exit in the Dining Room will rarely appear to be blocked by a bunch of bars, just like a jail cell's.
  • A hat in the Backroom will disappear. This is a reference to the first FNAF4 teaser.
  • The top hat in the Backroom may turn purple, beign a reference to the fifth FNAF4 teaser.
  • A bunch of wood planks as well as four wheels can pop up in the Theater.

Level D Hallucinations

These hallucinations aren't very noticeable, but if paying a little attention they will be pretty obvious.

  • Rarely, all of the plushies in the office will stare at the player dead in the eyes.
  • In a similar vein, the office dolls can suddenly disappear.
  • Sometimes, a figure with red eyes can be seen staring in the camera in dark areas. While it is very blurred, upon close inspection it appears to be The Doll.
  • A ghost hallucination can be seen standing in the Restrooms.
  • A transparent endoskeleton can be seen walking through the Main Hall.

Level C Hallucinations

Most of the hallucinations of this level involve Crabby or Crabbette. They're pretty noticeable and while not big, they will normally be noticed during normal gameplay.

  • Crabbette's ribbon may occasionally switch to blue, green or yellow.
  • Before Night 3, Crabbette may turn into a repaired Crabby.
  • Also before Night 3, what seems to be Crabby can peek from the top of the screen in the office.
  • Rarely, light can be seen above Crabby when he's in the Junkyard after he gives Gilgamesh the metallic object.
  • A screen of Crabby and Crabbette can flash on screen in Night 10.

Level B Hallucinations

Most of theses are very obvious, but they will not affect the game.

  • The Arcades camera will rarely display the Playroom from the prequel instead.
  • The Doll can occasionally appear in the Hallway, but transparent and without a controller/strings.
  • The toilets and thier doors can unexplicably disappear from the restrooms.
  • The Playroom camera may display an empty stage in a very vintage-looking location. A microphone is dropped on the left while a top hat is on the right.
  • The windows will break along with a sound. They're fixed a few seconds later through.

Level A Hallucinations

These hallucinations contain secret screens and the black animatronics mentioned above.

  • Upon starting Night 1, a dimly-lit picture of what seems to be Michael may be shown. It seems identical to "Black Michael", except it is colored allowing details to be seen more easily. He appears to only has a head and a torso suit; the other pieces of his suit are exposed. On his right arm is a microphone.
    • When starting Night 2, there is a rare chance a picture of Bodhi can be seen. Like the previous hallucination, he appears identical to "Black Bodhi" except with colors. It appears similar to the first game's Bodhi, but it's wheels are very visible and it's suit appears to be only loosely put on it. It also wears a top hat.
    • Night 3's secret screen shows a very broken Crabby in the middle of what seems to be the Central Room from the original (as indicated by the Drake plush), presumately after beign attacked causing him to go out of order.
    • Night 4 and 5 have no secret screens.
    • Night 6 shows Gilgamesh beign built. His endoskeleton is very similar to one of the hallucinations in the first game. His right arm and one of it's legs appear to be complete.
    • Night 7's screen depicts Richard beign built this time. His head suit is properly put on, as well as his foot's and the rocket launchers. The endoskeleton appears similar to an halucination from the original game.
    • Night 8 pictures Wis in contruction. It's stump and it's roots are complete. One of it's branches have also thier suit on, but loosely. Like the other screens of the theater animatronic his endoskeleton looks like an hidden animatronic from Five Nights at Fierce's.
    • Night 9's secret screen has Orlockron's building process shown. His suit appears to be complete, but it isn't put on Orlockron's endoskeleton which appears identical to a secret robot's from FNAFierce.
    • Night 10's image is very mysterious; it shows a sewer scene with an unidentified animatronic in front of a spotlight. It appears to be extremely damaged. It is unlikely it is the same animatronic as the one in the second secret ending picture as it's eyes are more distanced, are white and the left one appears to have been shattered.



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  • The camera map shows the vent in the Arcades entering the Hallway from the later's right, but in-game the vent leads to an hallway leading to the Hallway room.