Type of Company Video Games


Founder(s) Electrosynthesis
Founded at/in May 16th 2015
Headquarters 7 Central Boulevard, Singapore
Area(s) Served American Region

Europe Region

Oceania Region

Eastern Region

South East Region

Arabian Region

Caspian Region

Owner(s) Electrosynthesis

SeventhHeaven is a relatively new video game and television company created by Electrosynthesis on May the 15th 2015. It is an affilate of Nintendo and the two contact regurlarly to discus new game ideas as well as consoles and marketing. The first game console was the handheld 7Si. The company is responsible for games such as Electroworld, Neoniverse and Game Fighters


Head of Company

  • Owner: Electrosynthesis
  • Co-Owner: Wu Hao Yi

Head of GD Sectors

  • Game Dev 1: Ross Kent
  • Game Dev 2: Harry Lolsworthy

Head of Regions

  • American Region: Dexter Morningworth

(United States of America, Canada, Bermuda and the Bahamas)

  • Arabian Region: Kiki Hamatsusu

(United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Qatar)

  • Caspian Region: Kim Hyung-soo

(Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Armenia)

  • Europe Region: Jasmine Parle

(European Union + Switzerland, Norway, Russia)

  • Eastern Region: Kasama Nishiwaki

(Japan, South Korea, Taiwan)

  • Oceania Region: Richard Kolton

(Australia, Fiji, New Zealand)

  • South East/Singapore Region: Lauren Shirashi

(Indonesia, Singapore, Indonesia)


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