The Seven Princes of Hell are a group of devils that exist in the Heck of the Fantendoverse. They each represent one of the seven deadly sins, but are not to be confused with The Keeper who has the pure forms of the seven sins locked inside of him, while the princes only embody a sin. They will make a prominent appearance in Fantendo: Syndicate of Sins as main antagonists.



The princess of Hell were created along with the birth of the New Fantendoverse. They were created by an unknown entity they call 'creator' but never got the chance to meet this creator. They were empty dusks at the beginning with a blank personality, that was till essence from The Keeper leaked out and each of the princes embodied a sin that was locked up.

Each of the princes got their own personality, some even undergoing drastic changes like Asmodeus who didn't feel comfortable in a male body. In addition they also got a special ability fitting to the sin they possessed. However duo to the influence of The Keeper they had to use an item for their powers and also could be locked up inside the item once someone got possession of it.

Fantendo: Syndicate of Sins


Each of the princes were born as male, however Asmodeus has undergone a transformation to turn herself into a female. Leviathan on the other hand doesn't want to be indentified by gender and keeps it ambigious. Each of the princes have a different skin and eye color and an unique set of horns. Each prince also only has either wings or a tail, none of them having both (except Lucifer at a certain point).


Prince Sin Ability Object
Lucifer Pride Summon the souls of the deceased and have complete control of them. Ring
Mammon Greed Possess any living and non-living with just a prick of a needle. Needle
Asmodeus Lust Disguise into the desired form and create illusions. Mirror
Leviathan Envy

Hydrokinesis and alterations (apparent).

Draining abilities and emotions from any person (true).



Beelzebub Gluttony Stretching himself and owned objects. Fork
Satan Wrath Pyrokinesis and alterations. Earrings
Belphegor Sloth Draw anything to live to fight for him. Pencil