Seven Nights at Yoshi's is a british FNAF + Yoshi fan game series  on made by Sullivan Swami AKA BlueFreddyYoshi85

The games are based around the mysteries behind a haunted Yoshi themed pasta restauraunt.

The Story

The SNAY trilogy is about how once there was a restaurant with Yoshi animatronics called Yoshi Fazdino's Pastaria 

The First Game is about you working at the reopened Yoshi Fazdino's Pastaria and avoiding the now posessed characters from the second game, who are now in a dire state. You will also face a doll robot called the Yoshionette, 5 new characters and the ghostly Shadow Yoshi! 

The Second Game is when you work at the first Yoshi Fazdino's Pastaria , which burned down due to a Yellow Man that works there after you. (by the way, SPOILERS: he killed 5 kids here and they posessed the Yoshi robots. Also, they attack Phone Guy, who leaves messages, you, the player, and their killer: the yellow man who on his third night, runs out of the building at 6AM, but not before setting it alight as a child unknowlingly walks in and perishes in the flames. He becomes the Yoshionette) 

The 3rd game takes place 5 years after the first game and how you work in a museum filled with relics from past Yoshi's Pastaria locations and meet the Yellow Man, who is *SPOILER ALERT* now trapped inside a prototype suit the company was going to use for birthday parties and christmas.

the 4th game's story is about how you work in a horror attraction that has a nightmarish hybrid robot called Helltrap, which is made up of Toy Yoshi, Toy Blue Yoshi, Toy Yellow Yoshi, Blank and Balloon Baby Mario from the first game, except now, they have sharp teeth...

First game:

Second game:

Third game:

Fourth game:

Find the creator on scratch:


The fazdino gang

The Fazdino Gang in SNAY2

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