The seven masters are Blanks that achieved great strength in Super smash Bros.: Crisis. They are extremely high ranked and answer only to the Grand Master.


The leader of the group, cgaracterized by his cannons and his red scarf. Alpara is fiercly cunning and loyal, and cares nothing for subtlety.


The only female of the group. Betrice is highly skilled with ranged techniques, and she fights best when her enemy is distracted. Her main weapon is a large shuriken, but she is known to use hard to see kneedles as well. Betrice is defeated alongside Right point of the Dark Star aboard his ship, the Evalsne.


Gameron is the largest of the group (although not by much) and the only one who lacks a face. He weilds two beam swords with uncanny proficiancy, especially when surrounded. Also, he is the only boss that has a true "weakness," if he is shocked, he will be stunned for a long duration of time.


Thetanion is the only one of the seven masters not fought bt the heroes. He is seen being defeated by Allion near the end. His powers are never shown.


Zetnon isn't the confrontational type. He prefers to manipulate events from the shadows, only revealing himself when absolutely necissary. He fights using a massive battle suit, but he is still defeated.


Epsinoron is actually two creatures in one. Well, sort of. Epsinoron is capable of creating a doppleganger of himself, which acts and reacts freely. Neither can be damaged by normal means, only the other Epsinoron can damage it. They are outsmarted by Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Pikachu and Daisy.


Omegron is simply the strongest if the seven masters, so much so that he is kept locked up, under several dozens of locks, chains and iron balls as well as in a deep sleep. It has the power to disentegrate objects and opponents, and gains power as it grows angry. Ultimately, its power turns against it and Omegron disentegrates itself.

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