The Seven Elites (formerly called thr Elite Bad Bots by fans when Kube duped them) are formerly enemies of Meta-Form, then become friends of him. Each have a specific element, and are quite unique.


The first Elite. He's both twerpt and brat, but not a rebel, and was actually honest. Using the Air Element, he can control winds and clouds, and will spin so fast that it will causes a giant tornado, which cause enormous damage. He hates when people mess with him. He falls in love with Meta-Ette, which suprised Cubey very much.


The second Elite and a real cutie girl. She is Tornaboy's younger sister and alway cares about him. She uses the Ice Element to freeze oppenents, even when the opponent is a an extremely high degree. She rides on a frozen cloud. She is also known to be the "Princess of Frozen Field", and after understanding that she is duped by Kube among with others, she consider Meta-Form as a charming prince.


The third Elite and the jerkest member. He is sometimes maniacal in fight, so much that he alway tend to burn foes to death, and even dare to kill opponents when pretending to be defeated. His way to fight is dangerous and his teammates musn't let that happens. He uses the Fire Element.


The fourth Elite and the tallest and strongest in term of strength. He is also the wisest and kind-hearted, often gives lessions to younger members. He don't believed Kube unlike the others but doesn't wanted to disobey his leader, Starark. He uses the Earth Element.


The nervous one who often tend to run away before he is assisgned as an Elite robot. Although he is still nervous, he knows that running away will be his downside and better put all of his courage. He got crazy acceleration and speed which made him difficult to chase. He uses the Electric Element to shocks his opponents.


The second strongest member and the most dangerous. Although he is cute and round shaped, he manipulate water in order to gives him a new body to fight foes. He is also extremely fearless and is only afraid of bad luck. He cannot speak but often hug friends when that one is sad or happy to show his affection.


Leader of all and also the strongest. Although using the Dark Element, she is righteous and kind unlike her prideless and monsterous sister, who uses the Light Element. When not listened to, she will get angry and alway slap at it and shouts. Knowing that Kube duped her after her defeat, when she sees him, she will attack to show her frustration against him.


  • Unlike Meta-Form, Cubey and other RCNC-made Robots, each were created in their own land (though Tornaboy prefer to live in a city than on the sky).

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