The Seven Destructive Rulers is a villain group in the RenarioExtreme series. It is founded by Axel, Dr. Mewtwo's right-hand man. They are sent by Dr. Mewtwo to help him take over the PokeMutant World. Each ruler rules each part of the PokeMutant World and represent the seven deadly sins. Each member also has their own army. They first appeared in Renan and the Seven Destructive Rulers. In their last game, Renan: Return of Peace, they were completly destroyed by Renan and his friends after they merged with Dr. Mewtwo, and no longer appear in any latest games.


Emperor the Nidoking

The leader of the Seven Destructive Rulers, a giant Nidoking wearing a crown and a cape. His main target is Renario "Renan" Extreme. He takes over the Wildlands of the PokeMutant World. Representing the sin of Pride, he is disgustingly conceited and arrogant. He and Renan are main rivals, because he is alwats trying to destroy his home town. He is also being very loyal to Dr. Mewtwo and Axel, calling them "My Boss". So far, he is the only member who has survived. He is in charge of the Wildland Army. In the anime "Renan!", he is shown to drink a lot of beer and alchohol (these were cut in the English dub). In Renan: Shippuden, Emperor has became more ruthless and cruel, as he threatens to kill Renan over his friends' choice. He replaces Dr. Mewtwo as the main antagonist after Renan kills Dr. Mewtwo.

Wildland Army:

Rhydon (Right-Hand Man)

Nidoqueen (Second-in-command)

Kanghaskhan (multiple)

Victreebel (multiple)

Arbok (multiple)

Nidorino (multiple)

Nidorina (multiple)

Nidoran (both genders, multiple)

Rhyhorn (multiple)

Ekans (multiple)

Destruction the Hydreigon

The most destructive member of the group. He takes over the Volcanic Island, Renan's home town. Representing the sin of Wrath, he has a very violent temper, and will go on uncontrollable and destructive rampages once angered. He is also the only member who just roars instead of speaking. He and Hiroshi are mortal enemies, attempting to destroy the Mechanic Cyndaquils. He is the founder of the Magma Army.

Magma Army:

Magmortar (Right-Hand man)

Tyranitar (Second-in-command)

Magmar (multiple)

Magcargo (multiple)

Zweilous (multiple)

Gabite (multiple)

Pupitar (multiple)

Deino (multiple)

Gible (multiple)

Slugma (multiple)

Envious the Gengar

The most envious of the group. He takes over Moon Land. Representing the sin of Envy, he is always envious about the other members of the group because he got the least attention from Dr. Mewtwo and always getting ignored by others. He and Emperor are rivals because he always wants to be the leader. He is usually conquered by Lenan because Envious' goal is to corrupt him. He leads the Deathly Army.

Deathly Army:

Dusknoir (Right-Hand Man)

Honchkrow (Second-in-Command)

Mismagius (multiple)

Haunter (multiple)

Gastly (multiple)

Murkrow (multiple)

Misdreavus (multiple)

Sniper the Weavile

The richest and smallest of the group, he wears a cowboy hat, gloves and belt. He takes over Mine Caves. Representing the sin of Greed, he only cares about gold, treasure and money but not his group members. Rexar usually sees him as his main foe as he always tries to steal the Guardian Diamond. He leads the Dark Army.

Dark Army:

Spiritomb (Right-Hand Man)

Skutank (Second-in-Command)

Drapion (multiple)

Shiftry (multiple)

Liepard (multiple)

Krokorok (multiple)

Sandile (multiple)

Scraggy (multiple)

Pawniard (multiple)

Roxy the Ninetales

The beauty of the group, she wears a red sexy dress, red gloves, red heels and a lot of makeup. She takes over Ocean Area. Unlike other Ninetales, she is a water-type. Representing the sin of Lust, she is a very dangerous girl who attracts male Pokemon. She can also become very violent and transform into a terrible, ugly ocean beast when angered. She has a very terrible grudge against Sunshine, as she always want to be the most beautiful female Pokemon in the whole world. She leads the Kraken Army.

Kraken Army:

Seismitoad (Right-Hand Man)

Walrein (Second-in-Command)

Huntail (multiple)

Gorebyss (multiple)

Cloyster (multiple)

Relicanth (multiple)

Ludicolo (multiple)

Gyarados (multiple)

Magikarp (multiple)

Lazy the Magnezone

The laziest of the group. He takes over the Power Plant. Representing the sin of Sloth, he always refuses to work, and will just order his servants to bring him something. He and Shellblade are considered to be main rivals, while Shellblade works for his friends despite being younger, Lazy just sits anywhere and do nothing. He is in charge of the Machine Army.

Machine Army:

Klinklang (Right-Hand Man)

Steelix (Second-in-Command)

Magneton (multiple)

Scizor (multiple)

Lairon (multiple)

Aron (multiple)

Bronzor (multiple)

Klink (multiple)

Ferroseed (multiple)

Sumo the Hariyama

The fattest of the group, as well as the most disturbing. He takes over Master Dojo. Representing the sin of Gluttony, he loves to eat a lot, and will not stop eating until he is completely full. Once he is full, he will fall asleep. He and Terrell are worst enemies, with Terrell being the healthy one. Sumo commands the Fighting Army.

Fighting Army:

Infernape (Right-Hand Man)

Machamp (Second-in-Command)

Medicham (multiple)

Hitmonlee (multiple)

Hitmonchan (multiple)

Hitmontop (multiple)

Machoke (multiple)

Tyrogue (multiple)

Makuhita (multiple)

Meditite (multiple)

Deadly Mix

The deadly mix is the fusion of the seven destructive rulers after they are defeated and destroyed by Renan, but were revived again by Dr. Mewtwo, turning them into this terrible fusion. It first appeared in the climax of Renan and the Seven Destructive Rulers.

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