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Full Name Seven
Current Age  ??
Gender Male
Species Alien (unknown species)
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
The Threat's Forces
Minor Deity
Family and Relations
The Threat (commander, master)

Six (unknown)

Main Weapon(s) Super Strength

Acid Spit
Giant Pincer-like Mouth

Vulnerable To Fearlessness
"Grendel" (by Beowulf)
Seven is one of The Threat's Top 10, ranked as number Seven. He is briefly seen in Fantendo - Genesis during one of Six's flashbacks. Seven is one of the most violent members of the Top 10, having murdered three of the members of the Top 10 and eating their corpses with Six watching in horror, causing her to have horrifying flashbacks when the phrase "Seven eight nine" (or any variant there of) is said.


Seven is a black and blue alien with no real head, instead it is a pincer like mouth with sharp teeth. He has six arms, with two of them having saw like claws. These are also the longest of the arms; the four other arms are more spike like in nature. Below his mouth is his rib cage, and then under that is his black exposed stomach that digests whatever inside as well as devouring anything that touches it. He has diamonized legs and a tail that can grasp things.





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