Seth the Power Guy
Power guy
Seth after retiring.
Full Name Seth
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Somewhere in Africa, formerly Wertham
Current Status Alive
The Community Centre
Family and Relations
Shannon (Ex-Girlfriend), Kelly Bailey (Girlfriend)
Main Weapon(s) Power Transferral
Ability/ies Power Transferral
Nationality English
Ethnicity White
Height 1.78m
The Power Guy
Voice Actor(s)
Matthew McNulty
First Appearance S02E07
Latest Appearance S04E02
Dude, do you think my cock looks like a tiny little slug?
I think you have a fucking beautiful penis.
Rudy and Seth, S04E01

Seth is Kelly's boyfriend, who began dealing superpowers after The Storm gave him the ability to give and take other people's powers.


Misfits: Wertham Warfare

Seth appears in Wertham Warfare as an unlockable character. He is unlocked by completing story mode as Kelly.