Capital City Seskaurus City
Largest City Mordieru
National Anthem
"Seskaurus Strong"
Government Republic

Seskaurus, is the biggest country of the Clupeonus continent. Seskaurus is one of the three countries of "The Three Giants".

History Of Seskaurus

The Elobgian Culture in the Prehistory

In the prehistory of Clupeonus, most of the Seskaurus territory was the home of the Elobgian culture, like most cultures in the prehistoric Clupeonus, its territory didn't connect with any other culture, and had a space dividing the Elobgian territory from cultures like the Grugevi or the Unmaak. In fact, many rulers of the Elobgian people wanted to create walls of stone that separate their culture from any other one, this wasn't because of hate, it was mostly because their religion told them to not let strangers enter some of the most important cities of the Elobgian terrirory, like Seskas, wich today is known as Seskas City. Most rulers tried to make the stone wall, but all of them gave up, the territory was enormous, the wall started its construction and ended it soon.

Even if the Elobgian people didn't allowed many strangers to enter their territory, they sometimes entered the territory of the Pecigian or Grugevi, only to cross the ocean with the help of the people of Grugevi to reach the Balnaruo territory and do trades with this culture, wich was the one and only culture that was accepted to enter the Elobgian territory. Elobgian people tought the Balnaruo citizens were different than the rest of Clupeonus and was worthy of entering the mighty cities like Seskas. The Balnaruo people also tought the Elobgian culture was a truly amazing one.

The Elobgian and the Balnaruo culture also were the first ones to leave Clupeonus, with little help of the Grugevi culture, they left the continent into Sermoa, where they only explored a little part of the north part, they actually met some tribes and cultures, and then left, they were plans of returning into Sermoa and exploring more, but some events later would change the plans, like the explorers arriving Clupeonus.

When the Conorgem and Mortana explorers arrived in Clupeonus, all cultures were amazed, as well the Elobgian people. The boats were something that the Elobgian people didn't really used that much, besides using it to explore the territory today known as Smeuoria. Elobgian people didn't had any problem with the explorers, as they looked a lot different than any other Clupeonus culture, so they thought they could be celestial beings.

There are proofs of explorers of The United Sectevenia Kingdom arriving and staying in the Elobgian territory. There's even stories about man of Conorgem falling in love with women from Seskas. The exploreres respected the people of Clupeonus.

Conorgem and Mortana exploreres had no real interest in Clupeonus, so no fights happened for that time, at least not in the continent. They conquered most parts of Sermoa some years after the first arrival. Most conquered Sermoa places had Sermoa people being slaves for empires of Conorgem and Mortana. Luckily, some people from Sermoa escaped into Clupeonus, and with the help of other cultures, the slaves went into Seskas, where they asked for help, the Elobgian people already knew this tribe, they met with it when they first arrived in Sermoa years ago. All of the six cultures in all Clupeonus united to help the Sermoa ones. The Elobgian army was probably the biggest one, followed by the Balnaruo and the Grugevi.

Independence of Sermoa was finally reached. The Elobgian culture finally accepted some other cultures into their cities, also letting more knowledge about things they didn't or couldn't knew about. This led to the Old Age Of Clupeonus.

Seskas in the Old Age Of Clupeonus

In the Old Age Of Clupeonus the kingdoms localized in Seskaurus were Removolén, Belomopén, Pheopén and Seskas. Belomopén and Pheopén had only three kings each for all their existence. Removolén had a total of six rulers and Seskas had three Seskas Kings.

Belomopén, Removolén, and Belomopén, these kingdoms not only shared part of their names, with the word Én, coming from the Elobgian culture, meaning Paradise. These three kingdoms had a system of monarchies. These kingdoms also made contact with each other, but they were fights between them

Pheopén, Belomopén, Removolén and Seskas

The two kingdoms ending with Én had it's culture based off tribes of what today is known as Spiastan. They had a similar size from each other and pretty similar laws and culture. These kingdoms were usually called Holy Éns, as they were truly paradises, with stunning places for visitors to see.

The first leaders were FirKan "The Lover", a peaceful leader from Removolén that actually was born during the conquest of Sermoa and fought in the army of the Elobgian people when he was a teenager, he got his title for being known as a lover of many girls, people said they just fell into his arms, and he had a great carisma. Girae Kunará, the king of Pheopén, was a truly good leader, he made the Pheopén Kingdom, one to be remembered, he expanded the territory of Pheopén a little bit with no battles, only words. And Lerau Sikar, the king of Belomopén, was known for being an expert warrior when he was younger, became the king and mantained the empire safe.

Seskas, in the other hand, had all it's culture, traditions, language, and everything based off the Elobgian people with no influences of other cultures, besides some words being added to the vocabulary from other nations, Seskas remained loyal to it's real ancestors. The first Seskas king was called Nokar Akba, was known as a teacher when he was young, his family had connections with the old emperors of the Elobgian people, he became the king and ruled Seskas for about 5-6 years until he died, he was found dead in his house, nobody knows what happened to him, he was a little sick at the time, so it's likely that him being sick had to do with the death. He was replaced by his son, Melaro Akba, that ruled many years.

A Bigger and Stronger Removolén

Removolén had a massive expansion the following years, all starting when FirKan "The Lover" eight years before, left the throne to his son, FirKan "The Seller", known as that because he was an incredible business man, he managed to expand the Removolén territory by selling some products in exchange for more territory, mostly of Pheopén. He was loved by the people, but his hunger for power became a little excesive in his final years as a king, he noticed that, and decided to leave the throne. He lived a peaceful life married until he died many years before.

This led to his son becoming the next king, his son, FirKan "The Mind" arrived and ruled Removolén for many years, during his time as a king, he managed to conquer all Pheopén and Belomopén, making them part of Removolén, later he also managed to conquer territory of Seskas and Spiastan. His final move was conquering part of Grugeviburg. He died because of problems in his health the same year.

He was followed by another family member, his son, FirKan "The Brute". As his name suggests, he was a warrior, a brute. In every battle he made, he fought in his own army. This may seemed as a crazy thing for many kingdoms of Clupeonus, but he managed to win all the battles he started, expanding his kingdom even more, getting a massive part of Seskas, a big part of Spiastan, some more of Grugeviburg and some of Vostos. The only two fights were he losed was with the army of Reshulor, the only kingdom that didn't gave any terrain to Removolén, and was not an insland, even if the Reshulor Kingdom had islands as it's property. The other battle where he did not win, was also, the one where he died, in a battle against Grugeviburg, the army of Removolén surrendered after a Grugeviburg warrior killed FirKan "The Brute", this was also, the reason of why Removolén did not obtained more territory later.

FirKan "The Brute" was married, and he had a son, but his son was captured by the Spiastan kingdom, in order to convince FirKan into giving the stolen territory to its original owners. FirKan loved his son, but he refused to give any territory back. FirKan, the next day started to unite soldiers to attack Spiastan, the battle was short, and the army of FirKan won, he got his son back and conquered some more land. When he son was back in the empire, he had better guards defending him all the time. He was not feeling ok, he was feeling weak and horrible, after doing some research, the scientists of the empire came to the conclusion that he was posioned with a tyoe of plant that only grows in the Spiastan territory.

Later, the Spiastan kingdom confirmed that the king himself poisoned the kid, he already knew FirKan would attack the kingdom in order to save his son. The son of FirKan, wich was later given the name of FirKan "The Young", died some days after the confirmation. The king went into Spiastan once more and killed the Spiastan King, while burning the castle with only the King and some soldiers inside. He conquered some cities in the way. When he came back to Removolén he sent artists to make an statue of him and his son. A city was called in his honor, there is a city today in North Seskaurus called "The Young".

So, the FirKan family had no more sons, it was replaced by the RenDala family, with the first king becoming RenDala "The Savior", after all the problems and the land conquered, Removolén became the biggest kingdom of all, but they were millions of problems inside of it, RenDala fixed many of them and controlled the kingdom as a true savior, that's why he's named like that.

RenDala "The Savior", saved the Removolén Kingdom and made the kingdom become stable for some short years. He was killed by the Green Cross, a creed of assasins origined in North Spiastan, that were paid to kill the King of Removolén.

The final king of Removolén was KuorKele "The Final One" as it's name states, he was the final king of the Removolén kingdom. He was just a teenager, he could not control the kingdom and after some months, the Removolén kingdom falled.

While many parts of the kingdom were given to their original owners, Seskas recieved most of the stolen land. And became the now biggest kingdom of all. The kingdoms of Clupeonus, lived happy until The Old Age was over some years ago. Reshulor had contact with the Seskas Kingdom, until Reshulor and it's island dissapeared many years before. The Old Age was over.

Seskaurus Today

Seskaurus is a country full with not only cities, but also, with temples, ancient cities and other archaeologicas locations, this is because Seskaurus was the country where the "Elobgo" Mythology came from. The Elobgian pantheon believed in gods that represents many elements.

In the past, Seskaurus was an even larger country, Besmana, The Kingdom Of Astrines and Zugren, all were part of Seskaurus until they became official countries. Seskaurus is still huge and is considered the Clupeonus country with the best economy, along with Spiastan and Vostos.

It had a massive role in the Clupeonus Large Battle, being one of the countries with the biggest army, it was a very powerful country at the war. At the Nogonast First War, it allied with some countries to help other continents to repair damages of the war. Seskaurus didn't participated in the Nogonast First War besides the help to victims. In the Nogonast Second War, Seskaurus did participated and became a big help for other countries, fighting Bacobia.

In Another Land

In the game Another Land, Seskaurus plays a main role, being the home town of Piers, one of the main characters, as well, being one of the countries involved in the possible war. You can explore Seskaurus, and every city in it. There's several cities to explore including Seskaurus City and Modieru. There's also temples to visit. Below, there's a map of the country in the game.

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