Servorner's Appearance
Full Name Servorner
Current Age Unknown
Gender Unknown
Species Unknown, Species is likely extinct
Align Chaotic-Evil
Current Status Alive, sort of
Main Weapon(s) Psychokinesis, Ion Pendulum
Vulnerable To Technically none, although can be easily restrained and subdued through normal measures
Height About 5ft
Weight Unknown
Servorner is a creature of unknown species that is stated as being a prisoner of an ancient race of creatures that had an incredibly strict legal system. It is not specified whether Servorner is part of that species or not however the design and craftsmanship of the restraints on Servorner have yet to be found. Whether Servorner is its actual name is unknown as it was the word displayed above the jail cell it was contained in. In addition Servorner's gender is unknown as it seems to have had whatever gender it once had stripped away completely and without species information bone anaylsis is pointless.

Servorner was stated in the few documents that were attached to its Jail Cell as being a destructive force of relatively high danger, stating that its senses have been numbed and it was placed in a constant state of pain to ensure it couldn't easily access its powers.


Servorner appears to be a large reddish-creature with a layer of fur covering most of its body. It has six tentacle-like legs and two arms, one of which has been split open to hold its Ion Pendulum. The creature's head does not have any fur on it although it's not known if this is natural or was part of its sentence.

It has two large tusks and has had its mouth sewn shut, it slightly bleeds from its mouth on occassion likely indicating that the smile is forced. It wears a hood over the top of its head and has only had the hood removed once to inspect its upper head. The head itself has three horn-like structures on the top and two towards the chin. The state of its eyes and forehead has been stated as classified although is known to be in incredibly poor condition.

It wears two locks around its neck and left arm connected by a pair of chains and a bar holding the arm in place, it seems incapable of moving the left arm beyond the writs itself. It has a large scar along its chest from which the fur has not grown over, it is also uncertain whether this scar is part of its punishment or not.

The Ion Pendulum attached to its right arm exerts and incredible force, and causes that arm to remain stuck in the L-Shape that is seen as the bar has a small prong within Servorner's arm that is connected to its upper arm. The Pendulum has two stoppers on each end allowing the pendulum to slide slightly as well as a large Bluish-Black ball with Golden Rings around it which seems to be the power source for the Ions.


Records of Servorner's history only have dates about its time prior to its sealing and a few notes left by those who found it.

Servorner's earliest documents state that it is being placed into Sealment under multiple counts of Manslaughter, Terrorism and oddly Successful Suicide. A few quotes from the court case were also able to be translated;

"The Guilty will suffer complete mental lockdown for the crime of manslaughter"

"The Guilty will suffer the attachment of a warning device (Ion Pendulum) for acts of terrorism against the ruling Leader"

"The Guilty will be given the Frontal lobotomy for the multiple counts of successful suicide"

It would seem likely that the Frontal Lobotomy described in the third recovered quote is what has happened beneath Servorner's hood.

Later records state that it would remain in Sealment for something called "a Galaius" how long this was supposed to be is unknown however and likely has something to do with how time was observed by the species that sentenced Servorner. In addition Servorner had several warnings attached which stated that it was a highly dangerous specimen and was ordered to be left to drift in space for its sentence, a few notes from Merchants, Pirates, Colonists and what not were also attached mentioning interest in selling Servorner for a high profit or paying worship to it as a god.

Servorner was eventually recovered and placed under an Absolute Security Hold, while remaining in Sealment for most of the time it would occassionally be investigated by scientists in order to try and figure out what happened exactly.


Only one instance of Servorner's Psychokinesis has been recorded and the ability to attack with the Ion Pendulum is only mentioned in notes. The one and only time, Servorner's hood was removed is when it was recorded that Servorner activated its Psychokinesis, in the short few seconds the hood was removed it crushed the brains of the three scientists analyzing it (this was discovered after the bodies were recovered and analyzed for damage) as well as undoing one of the parts of its mouth sew.


  • The blood originating from beneath Servorner's hood has never been cleaned and has actually formed a crystal structure as hard as diamond. Some believe it holds the best evidence for what species Servorner is as the blood originating from its mouth is highly corrosive likely due to something in its spit
  • It seems highly likely that Servorner has been physically altered from its original appearance not just by the added restraints and hood but also by analyzing its legs, a microscopic observation of the join between its hip and leg bones reveals a peculiar residual liquid of unknown origin not found anywhere else on Servorner's body.

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