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Servine (Lucario series)
Servine's art in Lucario and the Five Thieves
Full Name Servine
Current Age 15 (as of LATFT)
Gender Female
Location Sycamore Woods
Current Status Alive
Class Natura
Main Weapon(s) Nature
Ability/ies Nature, Speed
First Appearance Lucario and the Five Thieves
Latest Appearance Lucario and the Golden Hand
Family and Relations
Lucario - Best friend
Hawla - Crush/Boyfriend (changes between games)
Here's a concept called thinking. Ever heard of that?
To Magmar

This is for the character in the Lucario series. For the character in normal context, see Servine.

Servine is a girl that lived in Sycamore Woods that becomes fast friends with Lucario in Lucario and the Five Thieves. She has a crush on Hawla, and later finds out the feeling is mutual. She is a Natura class warrior.



In Games

Lucario and the Five Thieves

In LATFT, after Lucario comes to in Sycamore Plains, Servine comes up to him, asking how he got there. After she is attacked by a mistaken Shiftry, she becomes friends with Lucario.

In Chapter 7, she realizes that Hawla has a crush on her, as revealed when he takes an Ice Blast for her from Glalie. She realizes that she has a crush on him, too. In Chapter 9, when Hawka pulls her aside to reveal her feelings, she reveals she knew and gives him a kiss on the cheek, showing that the feeling is mutual.

After the game, Servine and Hawla both move to Aurea Town.

Lucario and the Golden Hand

Servine is confirmed to be a character in the sequel to Five Thieves. The game's producer (tbc) stated that she and Hawla are "still sorta a couple".


~Uh, rascals?~
Thinking to herself about Shiftry

Ha, wasn't it so obvious? Since, like, Cold Cold Crevice.
To Hawla

Well... Derp. Why didn't you tell us this before?
To Shiftry

Well, now you know how mutual this feeling is.
To Hawla

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