The line between magic, and madness, is fragile and easily frayed. One can easily slip through the cracks, fall into the darkness and meet the denizens of the other side. But is this madness?Or Magic?
Serras-kai, Kingdom Hearts: Another story

As a part of a strange organization under Rosalina, Serras-Kai is a reoccuring boss in every game produced by Darklight industries. Kai weilds a multitude of magical and physical attacks, described once or twice as "A perfect mix of magic and swordsmanship."


Usually calm and collected, Serras-Kai detatches himself from those around him. Often times he will go to great lengths to make sure he comes in contact with no one. However, Kai isn't so much the 'quiet' one so much as 'the one that won't start a conversation with you.' Strangely enough, he will also occasionally leave words out of sentances, the most common being "I" "we" and "you." He is seen on numerous occasions with his would-be apprentice, Elliot Raptor.

Kai is also shown a certain affection for Frogs, often becoming one (both willingly and unwillingly) on several occasions. He is also shown as being fairly forgetful, often forgetting the names of people, places and spells almost every time he needs to know them. However, it is unknown how much of this is real, as he tends to 'purposely forget' things at certain times, often in inconvenient times to test those who would otherwise seek his aid.

Despite having such a blank personality, Kai has many allies who help him whenever he needs, usually Saki Amamiya and Geno. More recently, he has allied himself with his old master in combat, Atrum unum.

Throughout the games, he also is affiliated with Marth, Roy, Ike, Samus, Kirby, Luigi, Rosalina, Bowser, Wario, and every Pokemon that has apeared with him so far.


Serras-Kai has shown a huge ability with magic, as well as acceptional swordsmanship brought on by his elf nature. Of the abilities he has shown, the following are the ones he has used or mentioned in game.

  • Freezing/burning objects by draining/adding heat to them.
  • Summoning allies/monsters as needed
  • Telekinesis
  • Foresight (given through visions)
  • Mind control or influence (depending on the person)
  • Control over electricity
  • The ability to blind his enemies (through blinding light or simply taking their eyesight)
  • Warping or teleporting
  • Psychic beams/blasts.
  • Unnamed power similar to force push.
  • Unnamed ability that makes animals like him more.
  • Hypnosis.
  • Superhuman speed
  • Control over energy of all kinds (including kinetic, allowing him to stop an attack in mid-swing.)


Super Smash Bros. Crisis

Good times.
Serras-Kai, after fighting against Ridley.

Serras-Kai apears as one of 60 playable characters in the cancelled Super Smash Bros. Crisis.

In Revenge From Subspace, Kai seems to be out for his own interest, but it is revealed later in the story that Kai, Saki Amamiya, Pit and Geno were, under the command of Rosalina, really out to stop the Angel's choir cannon from being constructed.


Up B: Eriance (Dark Ball)

Kai creates a magic black ball, which he kicks off of, sending him up and it down. If it hits an opponent, it will hit them several times and drag them downwards.

Standard B: Magical Seal

Kai raises his staff in the air and begins to charge it. When the attack is released, a seal appears on the ground that deals damage to the opponent (how much is determined by the amount of time spent charging it and the enemy's distance from Kai at the center of the seal.) This attack causes almost no knockback, but high damage.

Side B: Rush Break

Kai charges forward with his staff out, ignoring enemies along the way and just keeps going. He only goes a short distance and causes little knockback.

Down B: Lauchen Panzerfaust (Launch the Bazooka!)

Kai puts his staff down and fires a missle from his bazooka that goes forward at an opponent.

Sleighouth Filsetracostrophy (Silver Catastrophe)

Kai opens a book of magic, causing lightning to run across the ground, paralyzing any enemies it hits. Then, a huge ball of energy emerges from the sky. Enemies regain consciousness after a moment, but the ball stays for a long while. Contact with it means almost certain death.

Neverworld The Second

Serras-Kai is one of the new characters granted power in Neverworld The Second. In the game's trailer, he is seen fighting Purple Guy atop a skyscraper.


Kai s'crow

Kai, under the effects of a backfired S'crow Funk.


As a strange display of like by the creator, Serras-Kai's creator and founder of Darklight Studios, inc uses Seras-Kai as a username as well as a character name (leading to some very complicated conversations.) However, the character of Serras-Kai is not meant to reflect his creator in any way, and the two have very little in common. When the creator is fealing fairly uncreative, he apears in his own stories under the name of Henry, wherupon he usually either dies or flees the scene of battle quickly.

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