A Sergeantstepper.
Species Origin Blockstepper
First Appearance Super Mario 3D Zone
Latest Appearance Super Mario 3D Zone
Notable Members
General B. Lockstep

Sergeantsteppers are enemies first appearing in Super Mario 3D Zone. They are green Blocksteppers which have been promoted to the rank of sergeant. Their hats have sergeant emblems on them. Their mouths double as Throw Cannons (cannons which lob Cannonballls in the air towards Mario).

One Sergeantstepper sometimes appears with a group of Blocksteppers on important levels (such as Bowser's Blockstepper Brigade). Sergeantsteppers will lob Cannonballs towards Mario while marching with the Blocksteppers. Sergeantsteppers can be defeated by a single jump, spindash, tail whip, fireball or other projectiles. When a Sergeantstepper is defeated, all Blocksteppers from its group will immediately run towards Mario while shooting Explosive Cannonballs instead of regular Cannonballs.


  • It is the first enemy to be its parent species with a special title.
  • A boss is also based on this and its parent species.

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