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Lumalee (recolor)
Serene Isles
First Appearance Lumoshi's Cookies: War
Latest Appearance Lumoshi's Cookies: War
Current Ruler Cookie Monster
Current Inhabitant(s)
The Serene Isles are a location in Lumoshi's Cookies: War and the main setting.


The Isles are one of the most popular vacation destinations in all of Travak, having a wide variety of water parks, beaches, and fancy casino resorts. The Serene Isles is an archipelago made up of hundreds of tiny islands, but only a few are big enough to be inhabited (e.g.: bigger than a couple dozen feet wide at low tide). The main island is known as Akatox, and it has more than ninety percent of all tourist destinations on the archipelago.

Akatox is about ten or so miles wide and has resorts and beaches along the coast, with some volcanoes and forest in the middle of the island. The archipelago itself has been compared to the Caribbean Islands in the Atlantic Ocean on Earth.