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X Y Serena
Serena in Pokémon X and Y Versions.
Full Name Serena
セレナ Serena
Location Vaniville Town
Class Pokémon Trainer (game)
Pokémon Performer (anime)
Family and Relations
Ash (anime), Pokémon performances
Sexuality Female
Friends and Allies
Braixen (Starter Pokémon in the anime and if the player chooses Chespin), Pancham and Sylveon (anime)
Enemies and Rivals
Team Flare
First Appearance Pokémon X and Y

Serena (Japanese: セレナ Serena) is the female playable character / rival character featured within Pokémon X and Y Versions. She is a Pokémon Trainer in the games, and, should the male playable character be chosen instead, one of the protagonist's two major rivals and four best friends. Starting with the 800th episode, "Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!", Serena became a major character within the Pokémon anime series, and later joined Ash Ketchum as one of his travelling companions, alongside Bonnie and Clemont.

Physical Appearance

Upon start up of Pokémon X and Y Versions, there are three different variations of Serena that one can choose to play as. The default has pale skin, long honey-coloured hair and grey eyes, wearing a black sleeveless top that is tucked into a red belt connected to a red skirt. She wears black stockings and black sneakers decorated with a pink silhouette of a Poké Ball. Atop her head she wears a pink sun hat topped with white-framed sunglasses. Should she be the rival character, Serena's hair is pulled back into a long ponytail and she does not don her hat.

Other default options for Serena's appearance include blue or brown eyes as opposed to grey, blonde or black hair as opposed to honey-coloured, and different shades of skin tone. Her clothing, and appearance, can be further changed in-game.

In the Pokémon anime series, Serena took a similar appearance (in that the sole difference was that she lacked the sunglasses on her hat) until the 60th episode of the X & Y arc of the series (episode 859 of the anime in total). After losing a Pokémon Showcase, Serena uses scissors to cut her hair to slightly shorter than shoulder-length. She also dons new, more casual, apparel, being a pink dress with a black undershirt, and a red jacket over top. Her black sneakers were also replaced with long brown boots. On her chest she wore the Blue Ribbon given to her by Ash Ketchum in the previous episode, which he won for being the millionth visitor to a monorail service.


Super Smash Bros. Crusade

For more information, see Pokémon Trainer (SSB Crusade)

Serena makes an appearance as an alternate costume for the "Pokémon Trainer" character in Super Smash Bros. Crusade.

Eternal Brawl Uprising

Serena makes a playable appearance as a default character in the game Eternal Brawl Uprising. In the game, she commands three Pokémon in the battle, with the Pokémon being either Sylveon, Pangoro or Fennekin. Her official description is as follows:

A female pokemon trainer of the Kalos region, Serena can use Sylveon, Fennekin, and Pangoro. She also can trap opponents in a Pokeball.

Fighters of Lapis 4/వరల్డ్స్ కలయిక

Serena makes a playable appearance in the fourth entry into the Fighters of Lapis series, Fighters of Lapis 4/వరల్డ్స్ కలయిక. In the game, she is a hidden character, unlocked by completing Adventure Mode as Touko. Her official description is as follows:

The newest Pokemon trainer who originates from the Kalos region. She uses Froakie, Meowstic, and Pyroar to attack.

Project X Zone

She's One of the Playable Characters in This Game and a Pair Unit Alongside Samus Aran, She First Appears in the Chapter 4 Finish a Training with Chesnaught, Delphox and Greninja, When Suddenly 4 Metroid Arrives the Pokemon World, Samus Appears Seconds Later in Her Zero Suit, They Meets and Joins Forces to Wipe Out the Metroids, Later They Joins with Reiji, Xiaomu and the Others in the Gang, in the Game She Reveals That Also She Got a Lucario and a Gardevoir with Mega Evolution, and Also an Yveltal, After Save the World at the Chapter 41, She Returns to the Pokemon World with Malva in the Adventure of Valkyrie Zouna's Pyramid Meanwhile Kite and BlackRose are Teleported by Aura Too But to the .Hack World



  • Serena's design would be used for the character of Yvonne "Y" Gābena in the Pokémon Adventures manga series.